Club Fitness / Lincolnton: Opening Hours, Price and Opinions (2023)

Club Fitness / Lincolnton: Opening Hours, Price and Opinions (1)

Information about Club Fitness / Lincolnton

E Main St 2620
28092, Lincolnton

+1 704-735-3965

Opening hours

  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
  • Friday: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours


Club Fitness / Lincolnton has not yet filled in its description.

Club Fitness / Lincolnton: Opinions

Club Fitness / Lincolnton: Opening Hours, Price and Opinions (2)

Mark Dilling 1 month ago

Nice gym open 24/7. Very clean facility with lots of free weights and machine weights to choose from.

Leigh Rogers 1 month ago

Best gym in town.

Cody Spiker 2 months ago

Excellent facility and very helpful staff. Plenty of free weights and deadlift platforms. Very pleased and happy I learned of Club Fitness.

Dayton Pfenning 7 months ago

Wonderful gym that has gotten a lot of work done the past few months! New stations for Olympic lifts, large room for new classes (yoga, boxing, HIIT, etc.) Tanning beds and a room for children to play as well. What more could I ask from a gym?

Carla Lewis 7 months ago

this is the best gym I've ever been to l love the staff and everything they offer. l can't brag enough on all of them.

theYogaNancy ! 7 months ago

Come Stretch and Relax at Club Fitness Yoga Class???

Robyn Hovis 7 months ago

Grandkids had their birthday party there! Huge room with inflatable jumping houses! Kids and parents had an amazing time!

Vickie Miscichowski 7 months ago

My two sons and I have been going to club fitness for 3 weeks now. It has been such a great experience for us. The atmosphere is very welcoming, the staff is friendly and very helpful with any questions we’ve had (which was a lot).

Tina Moore 7 months ago

Great and Friendly place excellent staff clean tanning Beds and Up to date workout equipment..

Zachary klouse 9 months ago

Good workout environment. Definitely if you lift seriously. Even good for casual lifter. And good for fitness in general. Good size gym too.

Rae Freeman 11 months ago

All the staff are always super friendly & motivating! This facility is awesome! We have been members here for a few years & we won’t be leaving anytime soon. I personally love that they have a ladies only area, to work out with ease & comfort without being worried is truly a gift that more Gyms need. If you tan, please make sure to ask when bulbs were changed in the tanning beds, I’ve been burnt more times than I can count because they’ll change one or 2 bulbs. Leaving a very uneven burn But this is a gym & I blame that on myself & not asking, not the gym employees! Great place to better yourself on the daily!

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Brian Burch 11 months ago

Positive: Professionalism Greta place

William Bralski 1 year ago

Amazing gym! Under new ownership, and the place is getting completely revamped, after talking to the owner, I can say that the place will be looking even more incredible soon with the plans he has. There are new group classes for women, and a new revamped women's only room. A new boxing room, and a calisthenics section is about to be done. There are even more plans for the future. Would highly recommend this gym for men and women!

David Carpenter 1 year ago

A Great Gym with plenty of exercise Equipment and a Great Staff

GNC Gastonia 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality Great place to work out! Up to date equipment, friendly staff, personal training and classes offered, 24 hours.

Jon Whiteside 1 year ago

Great Gym No complaints at all. People are great and the staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

Joshua Tabor 1 year ago

I really like this gym. Everyone I’ve meet here is super nice and ready to help.

Christian Oltmanns 1 year ago

great gym! very friendly staff, great equipment -> everything you need. since i'm only here for a week, i was still able to train there for a fair price. I can only recommend the gym! greetings from the german man :)

Kristen Hollingsworth 1 year ago

This place isn’t too bad, spacious and pretty quiet. My complaint is that I wish there was a better area for kick boxing fitness. The spot they have set up honestly feels like a supply closet and not much room for when you want to have enough space to do some kicking. I’d like to see a better set up and maybe more variety of kick boxing fitness equipment.

Justin Sharpe 2 years ago

Very clean and well spaced out equipment.. love it here

shanara mccorkle 2 years ago

Zumba class is awesome

MPL Neffect 2 years ago

Great gym staffed with knowledgeable people...

Amos West 2 years ago

Clean. Very nice staff Nice equipment, I really like this gym

Ambur Cathcart 2 years ago

Awesome Gym and Awesome staff! Although there was charges during the pandemic beyond their control they made sure to let me.know I would be charged for the months I was. So next 3 months are free! Just wish others would understand some businesses work differently than others and all it takes is patience and your understanding! Thanks for taking care of us!!

M R 2 years ago

Great place to get your sweat on

Allie White 3 years ago

Friendly staff and a great workout environment

Alicia Schism 3 years ago

Very friendly place love envirment

Tommy Freeman 3 years ago

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Great place to work out.

Koren Picklesimer 3 years ago

Great open areas to workout, friendly and helpful staff, and best of all their kids area has bounce houses. My 5 year old son use to fuss and whine about having to go to the gym because the kid area was too small and nothing but baby toys. First time we came here I couldn't get him to leave. He absolutely loved it and begged to stay. Now when it's gym day he rushes me out the door. So glad to have a happy boy and get my workout in!!!!! 100?????s

Nancy Hester 4 years ago

Loved this place

Summer Locklair 4 years ago

Need hydro massage table. 24-7 fitness has nice facility and everything this does with massage table. This is a downfall at club fitness as planet fitness also has table. Howrver the plans here are nice tanning with classes and 24-7 gym access and guest is awesome.

Steven Atwood 4 years ago

Friendly staff and all the equipment you need

Angela Bollinger 4 years ago

Love love love

James Jr 4 years ago


Krystal Maunwy 4 years ago


Youvette Cox 5 years ago

Very clean and staff is friendly and helpful

Joshua Wyatt 5 years ago

Great environment to be in.

Benjamin Guynn 5 years ago

Cleanest gym I've ever been in. Staff are awesome and no one treats you like an idiot. Atmosphere is great.

Rhonda West 5 years ago

Love to workout here! Clean, many machines and classes! My favorite, a ladies only room! Tanning and child care! Very happy that we joined this gym!

Heather blanton 5 years ago

Love this gym and the fact I can come as early or late as I want since I'm a nightshifter that's super convenient also Love the women's room haven't tried the classes yet but planning on it

Mary K Swiderski 5 years ago

This place actually is the best fitness center I have been to. All the free weights you need until your heart is content and if they don't have something, they will order it. They have everything for the serious lifter or someone who wants some light cardio. Can't wait to go back. Wish there was a place like this where I live!! Great job guys.

Lauren Lawing 5 years ago

Nice staff. Jacob is awesome!!!

Tonya Lawson 5 years ago

Awesome place to workout. Friendly staff excellent personal trainers. The facility is very large to allow plenty of room and not feel like you're working out on top of the next person. They even offer a women's only workout zone.

Lisa Nelson 6 years ago

Love this place.. The staff is awesome and they get to know the people that come in..Found my place to workout at...

Paula Beadle 6 years ago

Had a great day meeting everyone at club fitness. State of the art clean equipment. Even working on a kids fitness program. Go check them out

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Chris Lawing 6 years ago

All brand new equipment. The amount of space is great, even when you think it is busy there is still plenty of room. Very friendly and helpful staff. On sight personal training and classes for all.

Trevor Orr 6 years ago

Clean, 24/7

Tina 6 years ago

awesome gym, everyone is so friendly, I love the fact that they have a kid zone. my personal trainer is awesome!

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Club Fitness / Lincolnton: Opening Hours, Price and Opinions (3)

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