Geneva Airport to Les Menuires 3 Valleys Transfers (2023)

Les Menuires is a French ski resort in the Belleville valley of Les Trois Vallées. Known for its distinctive modernist architecture, Les Menuires was created in the mid-'60s after the prowling success of Courchevel ski resort, and to create new high-altitude ski areas. Low and behold, Les Menuires then became the highest ski resort in Europe. If you're planning holidays in this famous Alps resort, you need a private airport transfer provider that you can rely on 100%.

Our hassle-free airport transfers get you from plane to piste in one easy and comfortable trip. Discover everything you need to know about your journey in this guide to booking a reliable Alps transfer; Geneva Airport to Les Menuires.

Transfers from Geneva to Les Menuires 3 Valleys

On average, the transfer time from Geneva to Les Menuires 3 Valleys is 3 hours, though this may change significantly depending on the date and time of travel.

Les Menuires 3 Valleys is the largest ski area in the world with connections from international airports, so you can expect some traffic when travelling at high times.

The Route to Les Menuires from Geneva

There are two main routes that our drivers will take from Geneva to Les Menuires 3 Valleys; the N201 to Annecy or the A40 via Avenue de Genève.

The first and most likely route to your destination is:

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Geneva Airport - N201 - N508 to Albertville - N90 to Moutiers - mountain road D117 to Les Menuires.

The first route is quicker, shorter, has less traffic and offers beautiful views. However, if traffic is particularly bad on the N201, your driver will try the following:

Geneva Airport - Avenue de Genève - A411 - E712 to Annecy - D1212 - D109 to Ugine - D117 to Saint-Martin-de-Belleville.

We will always ensure that you have a smooth and comfortable airport transfer. We strongly recommend travelling midweek to cut down on your journey time and guarantee more time on the slopes; you can also save money with our cheap midweek ski transfer.

Journey Altitude

It’s important to remember that Les Menuires is the highest ski resort in Europe, so you will be at a very high altitude throughout your ski holiday. This can present its own potential complications.

Geneva airport sits at 430m and the main village of Les Menuires 3 Valleys is at 1850m, so passengers sometimes experience discomforts such as nausea, headaches and dizziness.

When you combine this air pressure change with steep, serpentine roads, the journey can be difficult for some people. You can always ask your driver to lower the temperature in the vehicle to help you feel more comfortable or pause the journey whenever you need.
Feeling ill isn't ideal, but the beautiful views are sure to be the perfect medicine!

Skiing in Les Menuires; The Resort Basics

Les Menuires 3 Valleys ski area is located in the Vallée des Belleville, and since it sits at an altitude of 1850m, it guarantees a longer snow season than many places. So if you're a ski fan who loves shredding on fresh snow, this could be your ideal ski destination.

(Video) Geneva Airport to Les Menuires

Les Menuires is world-class. It offers a wide choice of ski and non-ski activities, such as mountain biking on snow and tobogganing on snow, so you can always find the fun, whatever mood you're in. You can also revel in the beauty of its 360°panoramic view over the Alps: Sommet du Mont de la Chambre and Point de la Masse.

Les Menuires 3 Valleys ski resort is made up of three main villages: Val Thorens, Meribel and St Martin de Belleville. Your ski pass will grant you access to all three resorts, so you'll never find yourself bored when you have all of this at your feet.

  • Resort altitude 1850m
  • 600km of pistes
  • 40% blue runs, 40% red runs, 20% black runs
  • 180 ski lifts

Geneva Airport to Les Menuires 3 Valleys Transfers (1)

Booking a Ski Transfer to Les Menuires; The Process

How Much Will Your Transfer From Geneva to Les Menuires 3 Valleys Cost?

Alps2Alps offers the best value transfers in the Alps.

We take a transparent approach to pricing structure so we can always offer cheap ski transfers.

How do we calculate our ski transfer quotes? Well, we start with a standard price and reduce this based on the factors listed below:

  • Your route
  • Size of the group travelling
  • Time and day of travel
  • Do we have any promotions running?

Pricing is also influenced by fleet availability, costs such as road tolls and parking charges, and the transfer schedule.

Save Time AND Money; Try a Midweek Transfer

Here's a PSA that booking your Les Menuires 3 Valleys ski transfer during the weekdays can save you both time and money.

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On midweek trips you will spend less time in traffic, enjoy less congested slopes, AND can save a pretty penny. Travelling Monday to Friday can sometimes cost up to 50% less than a weekend trip; sounds like a great deal to us!

More cheap ski transfers and discounts are available for travel during the off-season and off-peak.

Types of Alps Ski Transfers Offered

We offer two types of airport transfers from Geneva Airport; private and shared.

Private Ski Transfers

If you're on a trip with friends, a large family group or even just a smaller group of skiers wanting the most comfortable journey; a private airport transfer is for you.

A private vehicle means you don't have to wait for fellow passengers to arrive, a dedicated driver will meet you at arrivals and accompany you to your vehicle, and you have the freedom to stop en route to the resort to pick up some essentials or soak up the scenery.

Shared Ski Transfers

If cutting costs is a priority, look into a shared transfer. Shared journeys are our cheapest option but no less reliable.

Your trip will be shared with another party of skiers heading in the same direction, which could mean waiting for them to arrive at Geneva Airport. However, we do try our best to coordinate our scheduling to keep the waiting to a minimum.

Why Should You Book a Geneva Ski Transfer with A2A?

We'll keep this simple. Booking a private transfer to Les Menuires instead of using public transport is more comfortable, more reliable, less waiting and the freedom to make the journey your own.

(Video) Supershuttle airport transfers services in The Alps !

Here's what you can expect on an Alps2Alps transfer:

  • Plenty of availability; a fleet of over 100 vehicles
  • Cars modified for all winter conditions
  • Free Wi-Fi onboard
  • Ample space for skis and bags
  • 24/7 dispatch centre
  • Ski rental and storage offers
  • Free child and booster seats on request
  • Freedom to stop on the journey
  • Well experienced drivers
  • Organise a return trip in a few easy clicks
  • A friendly team; from customer service to drivers

Alps 2 Alps Ski Rental: Kids Ski Free

We also offer low-cost ski rentals when travelling from Geneva Airport, with a rental store situated only 15 minutes away. We will pick you up from the airport and take you to the rental store to have your equipment fitted before continuing your journey to the resort.

Choosing the right ski or snowboard equipment sometimes can be difficult - we have plenty of service points across the Alps. If your equipment isn’t quite right, you can exchange it with minimal hassle or fuss.

Kids ski rental with Alps 2 Alps comes free with any full paying adult. We all love a bargain, don’t we?

Book Your Geneva to Les Menuires 3 Valleys Transfer!

Booking your transfer is easy, fast and stress-free! The simplest way to do so is online, but you can also email or phone us.

Booking online takes less than 5 minutes, and we’ll secure your booking immediately. If your chosen service or destination isn’t available, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.

Head to our booking page for your instant transfer quote.


How do I get to Les 3 Vallées? ›

  1. Four airports located close to our resorts enable you to travel to Les 3 Vallées by plane: Geneva, Lyon, Chambéry and Grenoble.
  2. Then from Moûtiers, you can rapidly reach all the resorts in Les 3 Vallées by bus. ...
  3. During the winter season, numerous airlines offer flights to the main Alpine airports.

What is the promo code for 3valley transfers? ›

Book online using code "3VTRANSFERS" save up to 50% on resort prices.

Where do you fly into for Les Menuires? ›

Chambery Airport is the closest airport to Les Menuires with the shortest transfer time, but it has a limited selection of flights. For a greater choice, consider flying into Geneva (GVA) Airport, Lyon (LYS) Airport or Grenoble (GNB) Airport.

Can you ski from Les Menuires to Val Thorens? ›

You also have the choice to ski big and take on the trois valleys where to can ski from Courchevel all the way to Val Thorens. You won't be bored of the choices available here! in the La Masse sector, this is perfect in the morning with a smooth run down. Ideal for getting your ski legs back or learning on.

Which is the best of the 3 valleys? ›

Orelle - Val Thorens: The highest of the resorts, Val Thorens sits at the top of the Belleville valley. Its lifts & snow quality are the 3 Vallees best.

Is the 3 Valleys good for beginners? ›

There is a very good offering for beginners at Les 3 Vallées with easy valley runs to almost all villages. There are also special beginner slopes for slower skiers and especially large beginner areas in Les Menuires, Courchevel 1540 & 1850 and Val Thorens.

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How long is transfer from geneva airport to Les Menuires? ›

The transfer time between Geneva Airport & Les Menuires is usually between 2 hours 40 minutes & 3 hours 10 minutes, covering a distance of 146km. These times are estimates and vary depending on the weather, traffic conditions and time of day.

What is the closest station to Les Menuires? ›

The nearest station is Moutiers Salins Brides-Les-Bains, located 27km from Les Menuires, about 40 minutes by bus or taxi.

Is Les Menuires good for beginners? ›

Total beginners will enjoy the resorts nursery slopes but the progression slopes can get busy, particularly at the end of the day. Once the basics have been mastered it's possible to clock up some miles without the need to use any reds or steeper blues.

Is Les Menuires snow sure? ›

Les Menuires / Reberty

La Masses' high altitude and northerly orientation ensures good long lasting snow, consistently. If need be, however, you are a stone throw away from Val Thorens, which is renowned for being snow sure.

Where do billionaires go to ski? ›

One of the most luxurious ski resorts in the world is St Moritz. The Swiss resort regularly hosts celebrities and leading business people because of its vast luxury options.

Can you get altitude sickness in Val Thorens? ›

Altitude sickness is the body having an adverse reaction to the high altitude. It is quite common in ski resorts, especially the higher resorts such as Val Thorens, Tignes, Cervinia. For most people it causes mild symptoms that often the symptoms will dissipate as one acclimatises to the altitude after a day or two.

Can you ski from Les Menuires to Courchevel? ›

From Les Menuires it's about two hours of skiing through Méribel to Courchevel 1850. Courchevel is known for being luxurious (and expensive), but there is some great people-watching to be done from the mountain restaurant terraces.

Can you see Mont Blanc from Three Valleys? ›

At 2,250 metres, prepare for your first highlight of the day: stunning views over Mont Blanc, rising up in the distance.

What is the hardest run in the 3 Valleys? ›


The most demanding black run in the 3 Valleys, no contest! After you've picked your way along the narrow, steep ridge, steel your nerves to launch yourself down the most challenging couloir in the 3 Valleys : 692m long, 350m descent and 85% gradient at its steepest…

Which is better Meribel or Courchevel? ›

The aspect of the slopes is better in Courchevel than Méribel, as fewer of them are south-facing. That means the snow stays longer and stays in better condition for longer than in Méribel, where the resort sits on the south-facing side of the mountain.

Is Val d Isere part of the 3 Valleys? ›

Together, these two ski areas are home to some of the most famous ski resorts in the world. The 3 Valleys has Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens (as well as La Tania, St Martin, Les Menuires, Brides-les-Bains and Orelle). Val d'Isere-Tignes has both Val d'Isere and Tignes.

How many lifts are in 3 Valleys? ›

Les Trois Vallées has 183 ski lifts, which can transport 260,000 skiers per hour.

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How do I get to Les Vallees? ›

Plane. You can reach Les 3 Vallées from 4 airports: Geneva, Lyon, Chambéry and Grenoble. Throughout the ski season, there are numerous scheduled flights which allow skiers to reach their chosen resort...

Which airport is best for Courchevel? ›

Geneva airport is the most popular airport for getting to Courchevel. It sits on the Swiss-French border providing a gateway to the wider French, Swiss and Italian Alps. Its location means there is an abundance of regular international flights arriving in Geneva, particularly during the winter.

Which ski resorts are in the 3 Valleys France? ›

France's 3 Valleys ski area is the largest in the world, combining the world-class resorts of Méribel, Courchevel, Val Thorens, Les Menuires, La Tania, Saint Martin de Belleville, Brides les Bains and Orelle.

What is the closest airport to Meribel? ›

The closest airport to Meribel is Chambery Airport, a one hour and 20 minutes drive from Meribel. However, Geneva Airport is more popular as it has more regular flights. Geneva Airport is just over two hours from Meribel. Flights for peak weeks (e.g. Half-Term) tend to be much more expensive.

How long is transfer from Geneva to Les Menuires? ›

The transfer time between Geneva Airport & Les Menuires is usually between 2 hours 40 minutes & 3 hours 10 minutes, covering a distance of 146km. These times are estimates and vary depending on the weather, traffic conditions and time of day.

Is Les Menuires in the Alps? ›

The resort has not only skiing facilities, but also offers a range of other activities. The resort was founded in 1964 and has an altitude range of 1,850 m (6,070 ft).
Les Menuires
Les Menuires Location within Alps
LocationSavoie, France
Nearest major cityChambéry
Coordinates45°19′28″N 6°32′15″E
6 more rows


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