Geneva to Val d'Isere Transfer * Quick Booking * Mountain Drop offs (2023)

Legendary skiing and a fun ambiance combined – that’s what awaits at the end of your Mountain Drop-offs private transfer from Geneva Airport to Val d’Isere!We reckon if you’re a fan of skiing or boarding you should hit the slopes of this resort at least once in your lifetime – and like many, once you’ve had a taste, you’ll want to come back for more!

Your journey from the airport will take around three hours, culminating in an impressive 32km climb up the mountain road from Bourg St Maurice, past the Chevril dam, where those transferring to Tignes turn off. Heading along the lake you arrive at La Daille – the gateway to the renowned ski resort that is Val d’Isere.

Guide section

Val d'Isere Destination Guide

Val, as Val d’Isere is affectionately known, very much has something for everyone. It can be the most expensive ski resort ever if you splash the cash staying in one of the 5* establishments, eating out every lunchtime and evening. Or you can do Val d’Isere on a budget staying in a self-catering apartment that’ll be small, functional but probably right across the road from a fantastic piste. It really is that sort of place.

Val d’Isere – where the Avalins live!

It hasn’t always been a bustling resort though. Val d’Isere was originally a set of isolated hamlets cut off in winter and home only to a handful of hardy Avalins and Avalines (the name for Val d’Isere residents!). All that changed in the early 1930s when a rich industrialist visited and decided it would make a great place for that leisure pursuit they call skiing…

Indeed, you have to look closely these days to find evidence of the original village (it’s around the church just after La Daille and before the modern Val village centre in case you were wondering) and there have been some head-scratchingly ugly blocks built, but in essence, Val d’Isere has managed to keep it’s Savoyard mountain charm, all whilst being a convenient, well-laid out and functional ski resort too.

A resort with a mountain village feel

And to maintain that mountain village feel, parking on the streets is banned during the entire winter season, so those heading up to resort in a car have to leave it either in the open air parking in La Daille or one of the municipal carparks within Val itself.

We don’t have to spell out what a faff it is to dig your hire car out after a week’s snowfall, so we think you’ll agree it’s much easier to book a Mountain Drop-offs transfer to Val d’Isere and back to the airport. And what’s more, once in resort the Red, Blue and Green bus lines keep you connected all day and pretty much of all of the night too, for free.

The many hamlets of Val d’Isere – where to stay in Val

If you’re thinking of staying in Val d’Isere, here’s our guide to the various hamlets. Mountain Drop-offs offers transfers from Geneva Airport direct to each and every one of these areas.

Le Fornet
At 1950m this is the last outpost of Val d’Isere and probably it’s best kept secret, with the Michelin starred Atelier d’Edmond restaurant, fabulous skiing and linked by navette to the main resort too, this is a great choice for a chilled out hols

Le Laisinant
Just below Le Fornet, this hamlet is very quiet, but does offer direct access to the col d’Iseran ski area via the Laisinant Express chair and there’s piste L to bring you back home too. There are some nice family-sized self-catering apartments here

Le Joseray, La Legettaz and Le Chatelard
These hamlets are all in the Vallon du Manchet and although not quite as easy to get directly up the mountain, there’s a lovely cruisey and long blue piste (Sanchons) back home from the Bellevarde side of resort

Centre Village
This is where all the action is, with the main snow front, the tourist office and the direct access to the Solaise ski area. Pretty snow sure too at 1850m.

Les Carats
The newest area of resort near the superb Aquasportif water centre and the Bellevarde Express, the number of posh new chalets built here has dubbed it millionaire’s row and it’s where you’ll find the five star Hotel les Barmes de l’Ours and it’s accompanying Michelin-starred eatery

Le Cret
Sitting on the hill side above La Daille, this is where you get superb views of those World Cup downhill ski pistes and slalom stadium.

La Daille
Full of residences such as Pierre et Vacances, this is the first ski area in Val d’Isere that you get to as you arrive from Geneva on your Mountain Drop-offs transfer. It’s not the prettiest, but it offers easy access to excellent pistes and you are just two lifts away from being able to drop over into the Tignes ski area.

Dropped off directly at your door!

Of course, Mountain Drop-offs doesn’t just drop you at the entrance to resort or outside the tourist office, we will take you right to the door of your accommodation (or as near as we can drive to!) no matter which of the hamlets you’re staying in and pick you back up again to take you back to the airport.

Activities section

Skiing around Val d'Isere

Where do we start when it comes to recommending the best places to ski in Val d’Isere? Once again, Val d’Isere has something for everyone when it comes to the skiing and boarding on offer.

Beginners skiing at Val d’Isere

Are you starting to get your snow legs? Head to any of the five lifts that are completely free (Legettaz drag at Le Joseray, Savonette drag, Village chair and Rogoney chair around the snow front areas and Les Landes drag in La Daille) to practice.

World Cup ski runs in Val d’Isere

Want to try your hand at skiing as fast as Killy or Maier? Make sure you ski the fine clutch of world-famous downhill pistes that Val d’Isere boasts. Try the ‘Face’ black run off the Olympique cable car that whisks you directly from the village centre to the Rocher de Bellevarde summit at 2827m. This is where the men’s skiing events took place in the 1992 Albertville Winter Olympics. Then head over the other side down to La Daille via ‘OK’ and ‘Orange’ pistes that have also hosted many a FIS ski event too.

Bad weather ski days

It’s a whiteout day? Do circuits in the trees taking the Daille cable car back up so you’ve got time to dry off before you next foray into the freshly fallen fluffy stuff. Bit of powder hound? Start off gently with the easily accessible powder off the Cascades Express chair near the summit of resort on the Glacier de Pissaillas. There’s also the Col Pers into the nature reserve, but this is best done with a guide leading the way.

Val d’Isere for the freestylers

Fancy practising your ollies and your Japan airs? Then head to the snowy bowl between the Toviere and Bellevarde summits where you’ll find the snow park, with the Bozetto drag, named after adopted Val d’Isere son and snowboarding Olympic medal winner Mathieu Bozzetto.

Ski in winter, cycle in summer – Val d’Isere has it all!

And just because you can, make sure you try the Aiglons, Mattis and Mangard pistes over in Le Fornet, as these use parts of the famous 13km mountain road that often features in the Tour de France – the Col d’Iseran – except of course in winter they are covered in snow as the road is shut.

But don’t worry if you’re staying in Le Fornet, the last hamlet in Val d’Isere at the foot of the climb, as this part of the road stays open, so your Mountain Drop-offs transfer minibus will still be able drive right up there!

Events section

Upcoming Events around Val d'Isere

As a major ski resort with a summer season too, Val d’Isere hosts some seriously big events. They attract big crowds and make the resort a lively place to be whilst they’re on. Often spectating at such sporting events is free, so if you’ve never witnessed professional ski racers flying down the hill, or those mega skilled freestylers busting their moves on the half pipes of Val d’Isere, this could be the moment to get in there!

15:00 - 19:00 Thursday 23 Feb 2023

Val d’Isere Carnival

Geneva to Val d'Isere Transfer * Quick Booking * Mountain Drop offs (1)It’s Mardi Gras carnival time in Val d’Isere on the 23rd Feb 2023! Join in the celebrations from 15:00. Reserve your spot for face painting (it’s free) and get your fancy dress costume on ready for the parade at 18:00 from the Tourist Office.
When you arrive atthe Place Margherio it’s party time with music, DJs and fun until 19:30. The vin chaud and the hot choc will be flowing too!Pic@ValdisereTO FB

Thursday 2 Feb 2023 - Thursday 2 Mar 2023

Val d’Isere Snowpark Contest

Geneva to Val d'Isere Transfer * Quick Booking * Mountain Drop offs (2)An open-comp ski and snowboard event at Val d’Isere snowpack every Thursday during the main French school holidays! Show off your rail skills, your big air jumps and your melon grabs at these friendly events.
All comers accepted, you just sign up on the day at the snow park and you could win a prize! Free the enter. You should have a helmet and the runs start at 11:00. Moved to Friday if the weather is pants on the Thursday.Pic@Vald’IsereFB

Thursday 9 Feb 2023 - Thursday 2 Mar 2023

Dynastar Trophy Parallel Slalom

Geneva to Val d'Isere Transfer * Quick Booking * Mountain Drop offs (3)Enter the Dynastar Parallel Slalom competition hosted by Val d’Isere’s Club des Sports and win Dynastar goodies! The race is open all: locals, seasonnaires and holidaymakers alike, with categories for Kids (born 2009 or later), Men and Women (anyone born 2008 or earlier).

The idea is simple. Two slalom courses are side by side on the Savonnette piste and two skiers set off at the same time to race against each other. Whoever crosses the line first, wins and goes through to the next round. Sign up on the day between 9am and midday at the Club des Sports (it’s free) and then collect your bib at 17:30 for race start at 17:45.pic@ValdisereTO

Sunday 15 Jan 2023 - Sunday 16 Apr 2023

Electric Fat Bike Test Sessions

Geneva to Val d'Isere Transfer * Quick Booking * Mountain Drop offs (4)Every Sunday evening in Val d’Isere you can try an electric Fat Bike for free! Meet guide Fred (he’s the guy in the pic!) at the Fat Bike chalet next to the aqua centre at 17:30 and sign up for free.
There is a maximum of 10 riders per session and you need to be at least 12 years old and 1,50m tall to take part. Make sure you bring a helmet and gloves – you’re going to be riding out on the snow with these mountain bikes with big fat tyres!Pic@ValdIsereFB

Monday 17 Apr 2023 - Thursday 20 Apr 2023

The Val d’Isere Adventure & Discovery Film Festival

Geneva to Val d'Isere Transfer * Quick Booking * Mountain Drop offs (5)The 17th to the 20th April Val d’Isere welcomes the 26th edition of the International Adventure & Discovery Film Festival. It’s on screens in resort and online for film buffs to enjoy. Talks, film screenings and more are at the Maison de Val and the Congress Centre.

Keep an eye on the official film festival website for the full programme of events.

Wednesday 18 Jan 2023 - Wednesday 26 Apr 2023

Aqua Park Night at the Pool

Geneva to Val d'Isere Transfer * Quick Booking * Mountain Drop offs (6)Every Wednesday night at the Aquasports centre in Val d’Isere is inflatables night! With modules to clamber up, jump off, slide down you’ll be making a real splash in the swimming pools of Val! Some evenings they even get the stand up paddle boards out too.
It’s every Wednesday evening from 20:30-21:15. The Wellness area is open at the same time and for every pool entry bought, you get free access to all the relaxing spa stuff during the evening.Pic@Vald’IsereTO

Legendary skiing, high profiles events and a fun ambiance combined – that’s what awaits at the end of your Mountain Drop-offs private transfer from Geneva Airport to Val d’Isere. Everyone should ski in this most renowned on the French alpine ski resorts at least once in their life and we can take you right there (with your skis and boards carried for free, we might add!).

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