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Hermann SaxonFull body photo of Hermann Saxon posing with his arms crossed in front of his chestRead More

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HistoryOne of Louis Cyr’s Remarkable FeatsPage from Sandow’s Magazine featuring drawing of Louis Cyr performing feat of strength, lying on back with globe barbell held over chest and beusited man straddling each end, and supporting long platform on outstretched legs on which 12 men sit.Read MoreHistoryIvy Russell 9 stone Amateur Lady Weight Lifting Champion of Great BritainPortrait photograph of Ivy Russell in white sleeveless shirt, black shorts over tights, and boots, standing with loaded barbell held across thighs with trophy on pedestal just behind; name, date, and title as amateur weightlifting champion of Great Britain handwritten along bottomRead More

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The Commissioner of PowerAs a visionary and outlier, Terry Todd used his passion for writing, weight training and history to shape the Iron Game and its influence on people throughout the world.Read More

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DocumentariesFullsterkur | Strongman DocumentaryNestled at the doorstep of the Arctic Circle, the country of Iceland is uniquely acquainted with the relationship between strength and survival. For hundreds of years, men and women were challenged to overcome harsh weather and endless winter nights by developing their own distinct physical and mental fortitude—passed down from the age of the Vikings, […]Read MoreDocumentariesSandwinaAs the daughter of German circus performers, Katie Sandwina (born Kathi Brumbach in 1884) was raised in a world uniquely encouraging of female athleticism and physicality. At a young age, she routinely defeated her male counterparts in various strength challenges, and by the 1910s, she was arguably America’s first true celebrity strongwoman; known as “Lady […]Read MoreDocumentariesStonelandThere are few places on earth as intimately tied to historic feats of strength as the Highlands of Scotland. Lifting stones, formed over centuries by wind and river erosion, can be found all over Scotland – each with its own history and local lore.Read More

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Designed in Columbus, Made in America | Rogue Deep Dish Plates / 8kDesigned in Columbus, Ohio. Cast with Ductile Iron, CNC machined and E-Coat finished in Michigan. These Deep Dish plates are something to behold. Enjoy the sound of steel, we are beyond proud to bring these to life! Rogue Deep Dish PlatesWatch Video

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EquipmentMatt Chan Designs and Builds His New Garage Gym With Zeus Gym BuilderRogue Journeyman Matt Chan sets up his brand new garage gym from scratch using Rogue’s ZEUS Gym Builder program. Based on the dimensions and layout of his garage, he’s able to explore and visualize different ideas and equipment combinations before making a purchase: Matt’s build includes: 2 Monster Mass Storage Systems with a corner […]Watch VideoEquipmentThe Ohio Bar 2.0S | Our Quietest Barbell To DateThe Ohio Bar 2.0S is the first barbell to feature built-in sound dampening properties. In testing, it consistently measures 10 decibels (dB) quieter than typical bars when dropped in the same conditions. To the human ear, that’s equivalent to being half as loud as what you’d expect from your current barbell. For nearly 100 years, […]Watch VideoEquipmentDesigned in Columbus, Made in America | Rogue KettlebellsWe are very proud that three of Midwest’s top independent casting foundries stepped up to the challenge and helped us bring this work to the US. Designed in Columbus Ohio and manufactured in Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin the new kettlebells are setting the bar. The people of Cadillac, Michigan and Portsmouth, Ohio have reached out […]Watch Video
(Video) Seated Dips utilizing the new Rep Fitness Ares in combination with my Rogue Fitness lever arms!

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Rogue Fitness Hiring in Columbus, OHWe know that many people in Ohio are losing their jobs and we want to help. Rogue manufactures and supplies fitness equipment, this is a major contributor to our health and well-being. The demand for our equipment is very strong and we need people to help us build and pack out the orders. We are […]Read More

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(Video) Rogue Monster Solo Mount Pull-up Bar Lever Arm Chest Press Home Gym Hack! Garage Gym #shorts
How To Use The Rogue TF-1 Tib Fib TrainerRogue Journeyman Matt Chan explains the design and function of the Rogue TF-1 Tib Trainer, a great tool for getting the most out of your toe raises / tib raises. Weighted toe raises are great for strengthening the tibialis anterior muscle (between the knee and ankle), which can help reduce the risk of injury across […]Watch Video

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MovementHow To Do Band Pull ApartsA quick guide on how to perform a band pull-apart during your warm-up exercises, as explained by Rogue Journeyman Matt Chan, a 5x Top-Ten finisher at the CrossFit Games.Watch VideoMovementHow To Do Banded LungesCrossFit legend Matt Chan stops by Rogue HQ to demonstrate how to use a resistance band to perform a forward leaning stationary lunge. This movement can activate the quads effectively across 20 reps per leg.Watch VideoMovementHow To Do Banded Tricep PushdownsRogue Journeyman Matt Chan provides a quick guide for performing high-rep tricep pushdowns with a light resistance band. “It’s a movement that I use,” Matt explains, “to warm up my elbows and triceps for any sort of pressing exercise.”Watch Video

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AthletesTia-Clair Toomey6x CrossFit Games Champion / 3x Rogue Invitational Champion It’s getting hard to remember a time when Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr wasn’t the “Fittest Woman on Earth,” and it’s even harder to imagine anyone else exemplifying that title quite like she has. The 29 year-old Australian has now won 6 straight CrossFit Games and, since 2017, has […]Read MoreAthletesKyle SnyderKyle Snyder isn’t just the first wrestler to join the Rogue Athlete roster; he’s arguably the most accomplished amateur wrestler in American history. The Maryland native entered the national stage here in Columbus as an Ohio State Buckeye, posting a 75-5 career record with three straight Big Ten and NCAA Division I Championships as a […]Read More
(Video) The building of Crossfit Decal

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Justin Medeiros – 2022 Rogue Invitational Champion | 8kA highlight package from a memorable weekend, as Justin Medeiros defended his title and was crowned Rogue Invitational champion once again in 2022. Justin was challenged across all four days and 10 grueling events, with worthy foes Pat Vellner, Jeffrey Adler, Chandler Smith, and Roman Khrennikov all pushing him right to the final moments of […]Watch Video

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EventsLaura Horvath – 2022 Rogue Invitational Champion | 8kLaura Horvath is your 2022 Rogue Invitational Champion! After narrowly missing the podium last October, and finishing third at the CrossFit Games this past summer, Laura took the next step across four days in Texas, dominating much of the competition en route to her first title. She became the first athlete to win four consecutive […]Watch VideoEventsOleksii Novikov – 2022 Rogue Invitational Strongman Champion | 8kHighlights from Oleksii Novikov’s triumphant performance at the 2022 Rogue Invitational Strongman competition. Across two days and six events at Dell Diamond in Round Rock, Texas, the 26 year-old Ukrainian was the picture of consistency, finishing Top 3 in all but one challenge (he was 4th in the Yoke Carry) and topping the leaderboard for […]Watch VideoEventsTexas Trail – Individual Event 1 | 2022 Rogue InvitationalCoverage of Event 1 from the Men’s and Women’s Individual competitions at the 2022 Rogue Invitational. “Texas Trail” was a unique off-site event held outside of Austin, TX, on Thursday, October 27, ahead of the 3 main days of competition. The 4.2 mile timed run was broken down into these segments: 1.2 mile run with […]Watch Video

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(Video) Best Barbell Storage? | The Barbell Anchor | New Storage Option | Darko Lifting | Custom Colors

R You Rogue — Tia-Clair Toomey — Rogue FitnessRogue catches up with the reigning CrossFit Games champ and only 3x “Fittest Woman on Earth,” Tia-Clair Toomey, as she trains for 2020 alongside 4x men’s champ Mat Fraser. Toomey talks openly about her formative years in Australia, the sense of personal responsibility that fuels her work ethic, and the way her confidence has grown […]Watch Video

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LifestyleRogue Warhorn – 8K Extended CutVolume up. #RYOUROGUEWatch VideoLifestyleThe 2018 Rogue CookoutTo reward our massive team at Rogue HQ, we held a day-long cookout to feed all three shifts — about 600 employees. Starting at 5:30 a.m., we fired up 10 Arteflame grills and 10 Big Green Eggs, and throughout the day we cooked 500 split chicken breasts, 600 burgers, hundreds of eggs and even more […]Watch VideoLifestyleForged — A Rogue Fitness BarbellA Rogue Fitness barbell begins its life in fire. From the foundry to the factory, molten steel is formed into columns, shaped into rods and machined to be the barbell we know and recognize. Whether it’s in your garage or on the competition floor at the CrossFit Games, each Rogue barbell is built by the […]Read More


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