The 10 Most Expensive CS:GO Skins Ever Sold (2023)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, popularly known as CSGO, has been a staple in the gaming community since 2012. Unlike other games from that era, CSGO has continued to thrive to this day whilst receiving regular updates and content patches without ever losing their ever-so-faithful audience.

But with the game having been released for over a decade, there's only one thing besides gameplay that veterans of the game are interested in now: kitting out their gear with the most expensive and lavish skins. Some skins in the game are reasonably priced, but others are shockingly expensive.


Lore (Butterfly Knife)

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The Butterfly knife has found immediate popularity with its beautiful design and intricate animation the knife presents when it is flourished or inspected. Because of that, players or collectors have sought far and wide for the perfect skin to accommodate the weapon's aesthetic.


The Lore skin happens to be just one skin that players favored. Valued around $6,000 if in a Factory New condition, this skin is one of the most expensive skins for the Butterfly Knife. Constant offers and listings have been appearing on sites where the transactions of skins occur. This skin is relatively new, introduced on September 21, 2021, as part of the Dreams & Nightmares collection.

Wild Lotus (AK-47)

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As the most popular weapon in the game, the AK-47 tends to receive a lot of love from the developers with the constant addition of skins for players to earn and choose from. The Wild Lotus skin just happens to be a newer addition to the collection, which was added on November 19, 2019, as part of the St. Marc collection. Since then, it's seen relative popularity on the market.

Its floral pattern mixed with a soft green and bloom makes this skin stands out as one of the more unique kind. The estimated value at a Factory New condition leaves the weapon without any stickers at around the $7,000 price tag. With expensive stickers and such, its value can even surpass $9,000. Stocks of this skin are low and always sell fast on several skin-selling sites.

Gungnir (AWP)

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Though CSGO is not a Norse mythology-inspired game, players will be surprised to know that a skin inspired by such a theme was implemented on November 18, 2019, as part of the Norse collection. Not only that, but it also happens to be a skin for the gun that has the most coveted skins, thanks to the weapon's prowess and subsequent popularity.

Gungnir is the name of Odin's mighty spear, and as such, the body of this skin paints the long sniper rifle's length with a complex patterned dark blue spear interwoven with frost-like gusts of wind. This skin's starting price puts it at the very least $7,300. That's if the condition is new. It has been seen to jump hundreds in price as more and more are purchased.

Crimson Web (Talon Knife)

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Knives in CSGO have always been a hot topic of discussion in the community. It is not considered strange at all for some skins to enter into the thousands; in fact, it's more expected than anything. Such has been the tradition for many years since the game's skin scene blew up in popularity.


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However, the skin for this knife happens to be an exception even among exceptions. The Crimson Web skin paints the blade in a dark, blood-red-like color before interweaving thin black lines resembling webs. Introduces on August 1, 2018, this skin at StatTrak Factory New condition is often sold for $11,500 on certain sites.

Crimson Web (M9 Bayonet)

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As a variant of the Crimson Web skins, the M9 Bayonet version doesn't lose in either quality or popularity. Though in terms of design, people tend to favor the skin on this weapon as the M9 Bayonet happens to be a knife with a more militaristic design. Such a design also makes it easier to view the ingrained skin.

The knife with this skin features a blood-red body, its serrated edges work in tandem with the tilt as the web design droops over it as if the webs crawled onto the handle. In a StatTrak Factory New condition, this knife can be valued at $11,500. Its low availability makes it an extremely coveted item.

Howl (M4A4)

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The M4A4 exists as the popular counterpart to the AK-47, and as such, it stands that it receives skins to rival it as well. The Howl, in particular, is one of the most popular and expensive skins available for the weapon. Released back in 2014 as part of the Huntsman Collection, it was only temporarily available before receiving a DMCA takedown by the original artist.


Because of those unique circumstances, players began to covet it for reasons other than the cool fiery wolf design that stained the body of the weapon. And as such, the StatTrak Factory New condition of this weapon sells for around $12,000. Not exactly contesting with the most expensive video game controllers, but it's definitely up there.

Crimson Web (Butterfly Knife)

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This skin is practically something most players can only dream of. The Crimson Web skin for the Butterfly knife in a StatTrak Factory New condition can and has sold for upwards of around $16,000. This rendition of the popular knife was released on July 1, 2014, and can be found by opening an Operation Breakout Weapon case.


Despite being one of the best first-person shooters of all time, the knives of this game have always taken the role of proof of status within the game's community. As veterans of the game just take to collecting these titan skins to show off to friends or other players.

Case Hardened - 661 Pattern (AK-47)

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The 661 Pattern of this skin, also known as the "scar pattern," is an extremely rare edition of the Case Hardened series. What makes it different from the other Case Hardened skins is the golden "scar" near the rear sight. Just that little detail is enough for the price of this skin to soar from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands.

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Tracking down this skin to purchase is a chore in itself, but it is not impossible. In the past, this skin was sold for $150,000, exceeding the $100,000 record for the biggest sale at the time. It could also be found in the Arms Deal Collection or a CSGO weapon case.

Dragon Lore (AWP)

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This skin, as far as most players are concerned, is considered the most coveted CSGO skin of all time. Particularly the Souvenir Factory New condition of this skin can sell for a ludicrous amount between players, so much so that if sold can set a person's life up for years. Flaunting a red fire-breathing dragon with a yellow finish, the Dragon Lore skin is epic in nature.

The Dragon Lore skin's price can directly contend with some of the most expensive Pokémon cards of all time. It's salued at a minimum of $250,000. And yet, despite the price, several offers have been made to obtain this legendary skin, some successful more than others. This skin has a calculated drop rate of about 0.0004%.

Case Hardened - Blue Gem (Karambit)

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The Blue Gem edition of the Case Hardened Karambit is the single most expensive skin in the entire game. Not only that, but it happens to have quite an extensive history as well. Years ago, it was purchased for nearly $100,000 by the player Newb Rage. But then, its price suddenly exploded, and the player received tens of offers to purchase their knife.

One of these offers even extended $1.4 million in exchange for the knife. Newb Rage, however, denied it. It is unknown whether that offer was declined because the player wanted to sell it for more or if the player was simply uninterested in selling. The only fact is that if that knife were ever sold, it would become the most expensive CSGO skin sale to date.

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