Understanding Subaru Outback Roof Rack Weight Limit (2023)

Understanding Subaru Outback Roof Rack Weight Limit (1)

The Subaru roof rack is a vital item for owners who have to drive daily on a long-distance ride or a trekker to reach the destination while storing needed stuff. Hearing about its goodness a lot of people want it and start to buy online without thinking about loads.

So, before you aim for one, it’s better to learn the Subaru roof rack least and most weight holding ability. Not only does it is popular but also offers a strong carrying capacity to store big loads and bags on top of the truck.

Due to lack of information, a lot of people don’t get the right answer to the question “what’s a particular Subaru Outback roof rack weight limit”. If you are also suffering like that, then we’ll help you out with details about looking for that information.

Just like knowing the design, rigidity, and quality, you always have to check the weight limit of it to make the best in both world choices. Or else, the chances of being regretful are severe.

Let’s Reveal The Subaru Outback Roof Rack Weight Limit!

Based on most Subaru Outback manuals, you’ll be able to store items on top of the truck (roof rack, crossbars, and other roof additions) not more than 100 – 165 lbs if counting the majority.

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Subaru Outback ModelsWeight Limit of Roof Rack
2005 – 2009 Subaru Outback100 – 150 lbs
2010 – 2014 Subaru Outback150 – 165 lbs
2015 – 2019 Subaru Outback165 – 176 lbs
2020 – Present Subaru Outback176 – more lbs

So, how much is the Subaru Outback roof rack capacity to hold cargo stuff? The answer is quite simple depending on your truck models. And also, no one would like to spoil the truck roof surface greatly by attaching the roof rack without knowing the weight capacity.

According to the author of BestRoofBag.com,

You need to be aware of this and make sure that you do not overload the roof rack when you are packing your stuff. When you have a heavy load on the Subaru roof rack, it could create more wind resistance which means lower gas mileage, and cause so much noise.

Besides, it is wise and sensible not to cross the load limitation if you want to attach the Subaru roof rack on your truck. For example, you carry a huge bag that is weighted more than your Subaru rack weight limit then the truck roof will break out or rust severely.

Apart from that, you’ll meet accidents along with other drivers due to heavy bulk on top of your Subaru rack. It’ll cause bad stability and performance when you drive faster under different terrains while carrying stuff. So, don’t carry stuff without knowing the weight limit.

How Much Weight Can 2005 – 2009 Subaru Outback Roof Rack Weight Capacity?

The 3rd generation Subaru roof racks are designed to carry at least 100 lbs. However, you can also add extra 50 lbs to carry stuff as they can bear that. But, most experts suggest not to cross the limitation that is mentioned in the owner’s manual clearly.

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Understanding Subaru Outback Roof Rack Weight Limit (2)

Diagram of 2005 – 2009 Subaru Outbake Roof Rack Weight Limit

It’s natural to go on a trip while planning to carry big loads on your 3rd gen Subaru rack but lack of knowledge may cause dents on your truck. Consider the fuel economy and noise before going with these types of roof racks.

Get To Know The 2010 – 2014 Subaru Outback Roof Rack Weight Limit

Just like 3rd gen models, the 4th generation Subaru racks are made to carry around 150 – 165 lbs. However, not all 2010-2014 Outback roof racks have 165 lbs capacity to store stuff like bikes, skis, surfboard, luggage, and so on.

So, if you are planning to carry stuff that is not too bulky, then it’s better to go with these types of roof racks. Also, think of your stuff and destination before picking that.

What Is The 2015 – 2019 Subaru Outback Roof Rack Weight Limit?

The 5th generation Subaru roof racks can store stuff not more than 176 lbs on average. But, most of them have 165 lbs weight limit that don’t impact your truck’s fuel economy and wind resistance.

And also, you can choose these types of roof racks for your Subaru Outback if you usually take a lot of stuff at the same time.

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Breaking Down The 2020 – 2022 Subaru Outback Roof Rack Weight Limit

Unlike many other models, the 6th generation roof racks are able to hold 176 lbs bulk. No matter what type of item you are planning to store on top of your Subaru Outback is, these types of roof racks work the best.

It’s all easy to carry a lot of stuff such as luggage, camping, tent, furniture, and others at ease with the 6th gen Subaru roof racks. Besides, they ensure no noise or wind issues even after carrying more than 176 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can my car roof hold my weight?

Yes, the car roof is able to hold your weight unless you are above 45 kg. Based on the truck models, you can guess whether it has good load capacity to carry your body weight. And also, the roof of your car can carry bulky items.

Besides, if you are using a roof rack, then it might carry 4 to 6 times the weight. This roof rack would carry around 200 to 400 kg.

What will be affected if you carry a very heavy load on your vehicle?

If you are holding bulky weight on top of your truck, it may cause lessening the stability and balance of driving. Because of loads, it may also cause your truck center of gravity to move from its place which causes bad performance.

Can I carry a sofa on my car roof?

Based on the overall loads of sofa, you are able to carry it if it’s under the given weight limit. Or less, it would be very bad for your truck riding and roof condition due to the heaviness of the sofa. So, check the weight limit before carrying any kind of furniture.

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What is the difference between roof rails and roof racks?

There are many differences between roof rails vs roof rack if you look into the functions and weight capacity. You’ll be able to carry a lot of stuff using the roof racks for better cargo space. And, they as well stop damages, add a good room, and comfort.

On the other hand, the roof rails are designed to fit onto the truck in an up and down direction just like parallel based on the distance of it. They as well give a better aerodynamic look that lets you drive with the truck in a straight line.

Wrapping Up

Feeling confident to go with a certain roof rack for your Outback after learning the carrying capacity of that? Hope so. Basically, the Subaru Outback roof rack weight limit is almost fixed that informs you to carry loads under restriction.

At the end of the day, you’ll suffer if you pick one that can’t take big luggage or bikes on the truck. And, even if the Subaru rack can carry 176 lbs, still don’t try to cross the limit as it’ll cause damage to your truck and roof at the same time.

To avoid the critical condition of your Outback, it’s important to know about the weight limit. Hope we were able to break down the entire idea about the load limitation and why it’s necessary for a driver to know. We’ll See You Soon On Our Next Article. Till Then, Goodbye.

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What is the weight capacity on a Subaru Outback roof rack? ›

According to the Subaru Outback owner manuals, the Subaru roof rack will be able to carry weight on 176 lbs (Subaru Outback 2014-2019) or 150 lbs (Subaru Outback 2020-2021) like we have said earlier, going above the load limit of this roof rack is very dangerous, you should not do that at all.

What happens if you put too much weight on a roof rack? ›

Weight on a roof rack makes a vehicle handle poorly, more likely to roll over, and reduces its fuel economy. In nearly all cases heavy, bulky things like oversized spare tires can find much better homes in or attached to your adventuremobile -not on top of the rack at its tallest point.

How much weight can I put on roof rack? ›

Most passenger vehicles have a 150-pound weight limit up top, regardless of which rack system you use. Even a loaded cooler and some camp chairs can exceed that.

How much weight can I put in a Subaru Outback? ›

The standard tow capacity for a 2021 Subaru Outback is 2,700 lbs, while models like the Outback XT increase the towing capacity to a maximum of 3,500 lbs when properly equipped.

Can I put a rooftop tent on a Subaru Outback? ›

The Subaru Outback is an excellent vehicle for roof top tent camping. It's compatible with all four models of iKamper's tents, allowing you to take camping to the next level.

How much weight can a 2017 Subaru Outback carry? ›

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) - 4695 lb

This is the maximum amount of weight Subaru Outback is rated to carry (engine, chassis, fluids, passengers, cargo, load - everything).

What does maximum roof load mean? ›

This refers to the weight of the roof structure itself and the permanently installed materials. Your roof then needs to be built to support itself. Normally, the dead load of a typical asphalt shingle roofing system with wood frames is 15 pounds per square foot.

How do you calculate roof loads? ›

Structures Video Roof Loads - YouTube

How much weight can crossbars hold? ›

How Much Weight Can A Roof Rack Support?
ModelRack's Maximum Weight CapacityPrice
Thule Evo WingBar~165 lbs~$440.00
Yakima FlushBar Single Bar~165 lbs~$250.00
CargoLoc 60” Rooftop Crossbars~150 lbs~$150.00
Thule Hullavator Pro for Kayaks~75 lbs~$700.00
22 Apr 2021

How should a load be carried on your roof rack? ›

Any load must be securely fastened to the vehicle. The safest way to carry items on the roof is in a specially designed roof box. This will help to keep your luggage secure and dry, and it also has less wind resistance than loads carried exposed on a roof rack.

Do roof racks damage your car? ›

In short, no. A car roof rack will not damage your vehicle. Improper use, incorrect installation, and carelessness will, though.

Can roof racks hold kayaks? ›

The best way is to wrap each strap around and around the part of the roof rack that attaches to the car. Then, take the end of the strap and knot it against the rest of the straps or wedge it under them. Once you've done this, your kayak should be secure, and you're ready to go.

What is the tongue weight for a Subaru Outback? ›

The 2021 Outback has a maximum tongue weight of 270 lbs with tongue weight between 8 to 11 percent of the total trailer weight. The 2021 Outback Onyx Edition has a maximum tongue weight of 350 lbs with tongue weight between 8 to 11 percent of the total trailer weight.

How much weight can I put in my 2021 Subaru Outback? ›

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) - 4850 lb

This is the maximum amount of weight Subaru Outback is rated to carry (engine, chassis, fluids, passengers, cargo, load - everything). It is often determined by the manufacturer and is indicated in the owner's manual or on the inside of the drive's door panel.

What is included in payload capacity? ›

What is Payload Capacity? A vehicle's payload capacity is the maximum amount of weight it can safely carry. In a car or SUV, that includes all of the weight in the cabin and trunk. In a truck, it consists of all of the weight in the cabin and bed.

Can I sleep in an outback? ›

The Outback is the ultimate car-camping experience. Not only is the back wide enough for two people and a medium-sized dog to sleep in, but it is also long enough for a 6'7” person to comfortably fit in the back.

What is the purpose of a rooftop tent? ›

Elevated Camping Keeps Pests Out

With a Roofnest roof top tent, you sleep at a safe and elevated height, removed from the pests that can make sleeping on the ground uncomfortable at best, and dangerous at worst.

What cars can you put a roof top tent on? ›

- As a general rule, SUV and trucks can be good candidates for a rooftop tent, while cars, sedans and hatchbacks are usually not. - Rooftop tents are usually acceptable for some fixed point and most raised rail systems.

How much weight can I put in my 2015 Subaru Outback? ›

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) - 4695 lb

This is the maximum amount of weight Subaru Outback is rated to carry (engine, chassis, fluids, passengers, cargo, load - everything).

Can I pull a trailer with my Subaru Outback? ›

How much can a Subaru Outback tow? Subaru's well-loved wagon, the Outback, has a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. Outback can also tow most lightweight aluminum or fiberglass boats, motorcycle trailers, lightweight utility trailers, compact/lightweight campers and some lightweight horse trailers.

Which Subaru Outback is best for towing? ›

What Is the Towing Capacity of a Subaru Outback?
Trim LevelTowing Capacity2
Outback Touring2,700 pounds
Outback Onyx Edition XT3,500 pounds
Outback Wilderness3,500 pounds
Outback Limited XT3,500 pounds
4 more rows

What does 30 pound roof load mean? ›

For most residential roofs, the maximum weight of snow should not exceed 30 pounds per square foot. To calculate how many inches of snow your roof can handle, multiply the depth of the snow in feet by the weight of a cubic foot of snow.

What is 20lb roof load? ›

This downward imposed load on the home is also known as the snow load. The North Zone design live load equates to 40 pounds per square foot, the Middle Zone equates to 30 pounds per square foot, and the South Zone equates to 20 pounds per square foot.

Can my roof take my weight? ›

The weight of a rooftop deck, or even a heavy snowstorm, is distributed evenly across several square feet. Because of this, there is not a significant impact on one area of the roof. However, if a human were to sit on the roof, the weight would be concentrated on one location.

How much weight can your roof hold? ›

The exact amount of weight a roof can hold is often based on several factors, but most can typically support 20 pounds per square inch of weight before becoming stressed. Some roofs are even designed to support greater loads in areas and mountainous regions where snow tends to fall heavily at times!

What is the minimum roof live load? ›

Roofs used for roof gardens or assembly purposes shall be designed for a minimum live load of 100 psf (4.79 kN/m2). Roofs used for other special purposes shall be designed for appropriate loads, as directed or approved by the commissioner.

Is snow considered live or dead load? ›

There are two types of loads in construction: live loads and dead loads. Ever-changing live loads like snow and ice are temporary weights on the structure. Dead loads are all the permanent parts of the building that add to the weight of the structure.

How can I increase the weight of my roof rack? ›

adding more cross bars will up the load holding ability to a point. You need to remember that if you attach to the factory track you are limited to the tracks mounting strength. Newer 4 runners have an elevated rail and older ones have an aluminum track mounted flush to the roof.

What can roof racks hold? ›

Whether you simply don't have the space inside your car or you would rather not clutter your cargo area, a roof rack will provide you with a space-saving alternative for carrying cargo and equipment.
Roof Rack Information
  • Bikes.
  • Skis and snowboards.
  • Surfboards.
  • Canoes and kayaks.
  • Cargo (within cargo boxes, bags or baskets)

How tight should roof racks be? ›

As long as there is not any movement in the bars/feet once they are tight then you should be fine. If you started to see any of the plastic bend or flex then you know you have overtightened them.

How fast can you drive with a roof rack? ›

Boxes made by the Swedish manufacturer Thule have a maximum speed limit of 80 mph. Other manufacturers might recommend 70 mph as the limit for their particular carrier. For the majority of people, these limits are likely to be higher than the maximum speed allowed in their country or state.

What would be affected if you carry a very heavy load on your vehicle? ›

Explanation: Any load will have an effect on the handling of your vehicle, and this becomes worse as you increase the load. You need to be aware of this when carrying passengers or heavy loads, fitting a roof rack or towing a trailer.

How safe are roof racks? ›

Typically, roof racks have weight limits ranging from 75 – 250 pounds. Exceeding the limit could cause damage to the vehicle as well as potential accidents.

What is the difference between roof rack and crossbars? ›

Roof bars or crossbars are a set of usually two bars that run across the top of the car. A roof rack, by comparison, will feature more than two crossbars and is often modular in design. Sometimes the racks see a fixed format with a set number of crossbars.

Do roof racks hurt gas mileage? ›

When just the roof rack was added, the car's mileage dropped by almost 11 percent, or 5 mpg. But with the rack and rooftop carrier installed, the overall drop was 19 percent, a loss of 9 mpg. As we found when we tested roof- and hitch-mounted bike racks, the SUV's mileage, on the other hand, showed less of a drop.

Can cars with roof racks go through a carwash? ›

Want to run your car through a car wash? It's no secret that a car wash is a quick and easy way of getting your car to sparkle again without the hassle, but it's a big mistake to go through one with roof racks. It is necessary to remove the racks and any other accessories before going through a car wash.

Should kayak be upside down on roof rack? ›

Rotomolded kayaks can be transported on their edge or upside down (hull up) safely using kayak stackers. However, composite kayaks should always be transported on their bottom using cradles to prevent deformation.

How do I stop my roof rack straps vibrating? ›

How do I get my SUP tie down straps to stop making noise? - YouTube

Are soft roof racks any good? ›

Great for travel, soft roof racks are lightweight and pack down small. If your plan is to fly to Biarritz and hire a car, a soft rack means you can load the boards on the roof and seek out the best break on the day. Because your boards are on the outside, it also means you can hire a smaller car and save some pennies.

Can a Subaru Outback tow a UHaul trailer? ›

Can a Subaru Outback tow a 5×8 UHaul trailer? Yes, a Subaru Outback can tow a 5×8 Uhaul trailer since the GVWR of the trailer is within its towing capacity. The Outback has a towing capacity of 2700 lbs while models with the 2.4L turbo engine have a towing capacity of 3500 lbs.

What is the tongue weight of the 2022 Subaru Outback? ›

Trailer Hitch: 270-pound tongue weight and 2,700-pound towing capacity for the 2.5L engine, 350-pound tongue weight and 3,500-pound towing capacity for the 2.4L turbocharged engine.

Which Subaru Outback can tow 3500 lbs? ›

The 2019, 2020, and 2021 Subaru Outback can pull up to 2,700 lbs. However, the 2020 and 2021 Outback Onyx Edition XT offers even more pull with a maximum towing capacity of 3,500lbs. The 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness likewise boasts a towing capacity of 3,500lbs.

How much weight can you put on top of a Subaru Outback? ›

Subaru Outback Wilderness roof rail weight limit

The Subaru Outback Wilderness 2022 roof rail weight limit is 220 lbs (100 kg). The roof rail system is designed to carry loads (cargo, roof crossbars and carrying attachments) of no more than 220 lbs (100 kg).

How much weight can I carry in my Subaru Outback? ›

The standard tow capacity for a 2021 Subaru Outback is 2,700 lbs, while models like the Outback XT increase the towing capacity to a maximum of 3,500 lbs when properly equipped.

How much weight can a 2022 Subaru Outback hold? ›

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) - 4850 lb

This is the maximum amount of weight Subaru Outback is rated to carry (engine, chassis, fluids, passengers, cargo, load - everything).

Does tongue weight count against payload? ›

Curb Weight + Payload = GVWR

For trailering purposes, tongue weight (the downward weight the trailer exerts on the hitch) counts against the payload.

What are two things you have to know to determine a vehicles payload capacity? ›

Calculating Payload Capacity

To calculate your vehicle's payload capacity, you only need to know two things: your vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and its curb weight.

What is the difference between payload and towing capacity? ›

A truck's payload capacity refers to the maximum amount of weight you can safely add to a truck's cargo area in addition to its empty weight (or curb weight). Towing capacity, on the other hand, refers to the maximum weight that a truck can tow after factoring in the weight of the truck and any cargo.

How much weight can a forester roof hold? ›

The Ascent, Crosstrek and Forester all have a roof rail capacity of 700 pounds when the vehicle is parked on a level surface. That means that the tent and the occupants inside it can't weigh more than 700 pounds.

How much weight can a Subaru crosstrek hold? ›

Towing Capacity: 2020 Crosstrek Engines

1,500-pound maximum towing capacity: Standard 2.0L DOHC four-cylinder SUBARU BOXER® engine with 152 hp and 145 lb-ft of torque.

How much weight can my Subaru Impreza hold? ›

If your average adult is ~200 lbs and you can comfortably fit 4 total adults, then a total of 800 lbs of not-part-of-the-car stuff should be fine. subaru doesn't really publish a load rating unfortunately. That makes sense. I'll go with a max of around 800 lbs.

How do you sleep in a Subaru Outback? ›

Can Two People Sleep in a Car? -Subaru Outback Car Camping

Can you camp in a Subaru Outback? ›

With 39 inches of head room, comparable to a two-person tent, that rear is also spacious enough to sleep comfortably. Of course, an Outback is considerably smaller than a truck or Sprinter van, which means packing for camping takes extra forethought.

Do all Subarus have a roof rack? ›

Because of this, Subaru has built their cars with roof racks in mind. Putting a car rack on the majority of Subaru models is simple, thanks to Subaru installing factory rails or fixed mounting points on the majority of their vehicles.

What does payload capacity include? ›

A vehicle's payload capacity is the maximum amount of weight it can safely carry. In a car or SUV, that includes all of the weight in the cabin and trunk. In a truck, it consists of all of the weight in the cabin and bed.

Can a Subaru Crosstrek tow 2000 lbs? ›

Can a Subaru Crosstrek tow 2,000 lbs? No, the Subaru Crosstrek can not tow 2,000-pounds. The new Subaru Crosstrek can tow up to 1,500-pounds. The Subaru Crosstrek pulling capacity is typically enough to pull small watercraft, light trailers, ATVs, and dirtbikes.

Can a Crosstrek pull a teardrop trailer? ›

You're pretty limited in your camper options if you'll be using your Subaru Crosstrek. With a maximum towing capacity of only 1,500 pounds, you'll be best served to consider lightweight and ultra-lightweight options such as teardrop campers, some small pop-up campers, and small stand-up campers.

Can you put a roof top tent on a Subaru? ›

Calling all Subaru Impreza roof top tent lovers! Wondering if your Subaru Impreza can carry a Roof Top Tent? The short answer is, yes.

How much weight can you put in the back of a Subaru Forester? ›

Vehicle capacity weight of the vehicle is 900 lbs (408 kg), which is indicated on the vehicle placard with the statement “The combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed 900 lbs or 408 kg”.

Can I pull a trailer with my Subaru Impreza? ›

The Subaru Impreza is a mid-size sedan that can tow a maximum of 2,645 pounds. However, this vehicle is not recommended for towing purposes.


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