Val d'Isere Ski Transfers | Geneva & Grenoble from £55 (2023)

Val d'Isere Ski Transfers | Geneva & Grenoble from £55 (1)From humble beginnings as a small farming village, Val d’Isere has developed into one of the most famous modern alpine resorts in the world whilst still retaining much of its traditional ambience. Universally popular with tourists from all nations, Val d’Isere has all the facilities needed for any kind of holiday. Lively bars and luxurious shops sit next to classic French patisseries and a modern sports centre with swimming pool and gym, plus an ice driving courseare also part of the large range of amenities.

Val d'Isere is made up of the main town plus the apartment-block heavy village of La Daille and the more rustic Le Fornet located at opposite ends of the resort. One main road runs through the resort and the vast majority of shops, restaurants and bars are based either on, or very close to, this main road.

Val d'Isere Ski Transfers | Geneva & Grenoble from £55 (2)Sharing the 300kms of pistes in the Espace Killy with Tignes, Val d’Isere has some of the best snow conditions in France and has an excellent snow record throughout the whole season. It enjoys a justifiable reputation as a great resort for intermediate and advanced skiers, with easily accessed and challenging off-piste sections as well as a large snowpark. High capacity, fast ski lifts also mean very few queues and great connectivity on all points around the mountain.

Airport Transfers to & from Val d'Isere Ski Resort

Val d'Isere Ski Transfers | Geneva & Grenoble from £55 (3)ToSearch, Compare, Book & Saveon ski transfers to Val d'Isere we recommend usingSnowcomparefor all the best airport transfers on one easy-to-use website.

Val d'Isere Ski Transfers | Geneva & Grenoble from £55 (4)For shared transfers to Val d'Isere we recommend usingBen's Busfor the cheapest bus journeys from Geneva, Grenoble and Lyon airports.

Getting to Val d'Isere

Val d'Isere is consistently voted one of the best ski resorts in the world with good reason. With excellent skiing, plus lively drinking or refined eating in the evenings based on your preference, Val offers a great holiday for thousands of tourists each week of the winter.

Holidaymakers travelling to Val d'Isere will be best served by flying to one of the four local airports in the region. Chambery, Geneva, Grenoble or Lyon airports run international flights with regular arrivals and departures from December to April for the ski season.

Airport transfers to Val d'Isere are not the quickest in the region due to the resort's location at the very end of the long, winding Tarentaise Valley. The distance means they are also not the cheapest ski transfers when compared to closer resorts - but Val d'Isere more than makes up for a slightly longer journey time.

There are plenty of travel options available for skiers & snowboarders going to Val d'Isere. We would suggest pre-booking either a private or shared transfer with a reliable, licensed company to take as much of the stress out of the journey as possible.

Chambery is the closest airport to Val d'Isere at just over 140km. It has the quickest and cheapest private transfers on offer and is a great option for those people who want to spend as little of their holiday as possible travelling. However, Chambery is also the smallest of all the airports in the area and as such low-cost flights here are limited. If you can find a convenient flight to Chambery it is still a great option to get to Val d'Isere though.

Geneva airport in neighbouring Switzerland is by far the most popular airport for those travelling on to Val d'Isere. Despite being in a different country, it is only a 10 minute hop over the border to France and onwards to Val d'Isere. Regular flights from low-cost airlines from around Europe make it the number one airport in the region for skiers & snowboarders for good reason. Due to the number of people arriving and departing, shared or private transfer options are also more plentiful from Geneva airport.

Grenoble & Lyon airports are located a further distance from Val d'Isere than Geneva airport. However, because of the excellent transport links to the quick French highways the journey time up to Val d'Isere from either is actually around the same as from Geneva.

Airport Transfer Times & Distances to Val d'Isere

All timings based on a private transfer journey in good weather and traffic conditions.

  • Chambery airportto Val d'Isere - 142km / 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Geneva airportto Val d'Isere - 176km / 3 hours 15 minutes
  • Grenoble airportto Val d'Isere - 215km / 3 hours
  • Lyon airportto Val d'Isere - 219km / 3 hours

Private Transfers to Val d'Isere

Private taxi transfers from any airport are by far the quickest and most convenient way to travel up to Val d'Isere. Having a driver waiting for your group when you landand ready to take you straight to your accommodation door is the ultimate way to begin and end your ski holiday.

Private transfers are available to book online from any of the local airports - Chambery, Geneva, Grenoble or Lyon - to Val d'Isere and can fit in to any flight on any date. The comfort and convenience of travelling as one group in your own vehicle cannot be overstated and is definitely the easiest way to arrive or depart.

The majority of private taxis will operate in 8 seat minibuses which are big enough to transport most groups and their luggage, but are also quick enough to travel the motorways at speed. They are also the most effective vehicles for travelling up and down snowy mountain roads. All vehicles should be fitted with winter tyres, meaning they are safe in winter conditions and will only require the fitting of tyre chains in the most severe storms.

For groups of 4 or more passengers a private transfer works out relatively economic price-wise too. However, if you are part of a smaller group or travelling alone it may be worth considering shared transfers where the cost is more affordable.

If you are lucky enough to be skiing in a group of over 8 friends or family then you will want to look at a company with a larger mini-coach vehicle. This is usually always better than paying for 2 smaller vehicles and drivers. Due to Val d'Isere's popularity there are a great number of companies offering private airport transfers. It is still worth checking that they are reliable and fully licensed before committing to booking though.

We recommend checking our partner website for private transfers to Val d'Isere. They work with all the best companies in the area and allow you to compare and book transfers based on price, availability and previous customer reviews. Be sure to check them out for the cheapest private airport transfers to Val d'Isere.

Shared Transfers to Val d'Isere

For smaller groups and individual travellers shared bus transfers work out as a much more economical way of getting to Val d'Isere. By having coaches leaving the airport and resort at set times, shared transfers join passengers from similar flights together and make the cost of a transfer cheaper for everyone.

It is certainly not as convenient as getting a private transfer, but the cost savings make up for this for most people. There is almost certain to be a little waiting time at either end of your holiday but with a bit of research and planning it is still possible to minimise this as much as possible.

Most shared transfers will usually drop-off at a central location in Val d'Isere (almost always the central bus station), as well as having a stop in the La Daille area of the resort too. Val d'Isere resort is a little bigger than some other places so there could potentially be a little bit of walking involved, but luckily the wya the town spreads out from the main road means this is minimal for most passengers.

Shared airport transfers will normally run in larger coach or bus vehicles but there is the possibility that there will be a change of vehicles required to a smaller minibus to come up the mountain from Bourg St Maurice. The journey time is therefore longer, but as mentioned before, the much lower cost versus private transfers usually offsets this for most customers.

Shared transfers tend to be organised according to the most popular travel times and dates in order to maximise passenger numbers for the companies. Essentially, this means that weekend transfers from each airport run pretty regularly and are fairly easy to find. If you are flying in or out on a weekday or late at night though we would definitely recommend researching shared transfer options before booking what is seemingly a great deal on a flight. Cheap flights at inconvenient times may make for a much more expensive transfer up to Val d'Isere than you had budgeted for.

Our sister website work with a number of companies running shared transfers to and from Val d'Isere ski resort. By putting all the travel options on one website they take the leg work out of finding the best and cheapest shared transfers to Val d'Isere.

Resort Maps & Shared Transfer Bus Stops


    How long is the transfer from Grenoble to Val d Isere? ›

    The transfer time from Grenoble Airport to Val d'Isere is about 3 hours 45 minutes, depending on the date, time of day, weather and traffic conditions. We allow more time for the journey when we know traffic may be bad. The distance from Grenoble Airport to Val d'Isere is 210 km.

    How much is transfer from geneva to val d isere? ›

    How much do Val d'Isère airport transfers cost? The average price of a one-way shared transfer from Geneva to Val d'Isère starts at around €70, going up to €400 for a private transfer. From other airports, most Val d'Isère transfers are on a private basis, with a one-way starting at around €250.

    What's the closest airport to Val d Isere? ›

    How do you get to Val d'Isère? Chambery is the nearest airport with a transfer time of around 2h. Private transfers run throughout the season, plus there are also regular bus services at weekends during the winter season, connecting at Bourg Saint Maurice.

    How long is the transfer from geneva airport to val d isere? ›

    The transfer time from Geneva Airport to Val d'Isere is about 3 hours 35 minutes. The distance from Geneva Airport is 180km (112 miles), making it one of the most accessible airports.

    How long is the transfer from Lyon to Val d Isere? ›

    The transfer time from Lyon Airport to Val d'Isere is between 3 hours 35 minutes and 4 hours, depending on the date, time of day, the weather and traffic. We allow more time for the journey when we know the road conditions may be bad. The distance from Lyon Airport to Val d'Isere is 221 km.

    How long is the transfer from Chambery to Val d Isere? ›

    Val d'Isere is approximately 145km from Chambery Challes-les-Eaux train station and transfers take about 2 hours on average.

    Can I exit Geneva Airport directly into France? ›

    Is it possible to exit directly from the French side when arriving on a French flight without passing through Swiss territory? Yes you can exit directly in France if your are coming from a French airport.

    How much is taxi from Geneva to Chamonix? ›

    The price for a private transfer from Geneva Airport to Chamonix starts from 200.00 € by car (up to 3 passengers) and from 245.00 € for a transfer by van (up to 8 passengers).

    How much is a taxi from Geneva Airport? ›

    A fare from Geneva airport to the city centre is estimated to cost €34.50-44.36 (CHF 35-45). If you pre-book a ride with one of the Geneva taxi companies, you can request a flat rate.

    What is best airport for Val d Isère? ›

    When deciding which airport to fly to for Val d'Isere, in this instance we have only one main recommendation: Geneva airport. Geneva is one of the busiest International airports giving good access to most of the nearby ski resorts and summer destinations, year round, with the most options for transfers.

    How snow sure is Val d Isère? ›

    L'Espace Killy (Val d'Isère and Tignes) is often regarded as having the most reliable snow in the Alps, primarily due to the extent of its high altitude skiing (60% of its 300km of slopes are above 2500m).
    Val d'Isère, France.
    General snow cover5/5
    Snow quality (lower)4/5
    Resort level snow5/5
    Powder potential4.5/5
    1 more row

    Is Tignes or Val d'Isère better? ›

    When it comes to après-ski Val d'Isère is way ahead of Tignes. For example the first La Folie Douce club, synonym for the après-ski scene in French Alps was opened here. Val d'Isère has wider selection of restaurants, bars and clubs. Be aware that prices are among highest in French Alps.

    How long does it take to get through passport control at Geneva Airport? ›

    If you checked your bags in the day before, we recommend that you make your way to the airport one hour before your flight departs (two hours during weekends) to complete passport control formalities, go through the security check and make your way to the departure lounge.

    How much does ETS airport shuttle cost? ›

    ETS Airport Shuttle has a fleet of vans and shuttles that can transport you between airports. A shared shuttle costs about $52 per person, and the entire ride lasts about 1.5 hours.

    Is there Uber in Geneva Airport? ›

    Uber is available at Geneva Airport, so you can enjoy a comfortable and convenient trip to wherever you need to go.

    How long is the transfer from Grenoble to Les Deux Alpes? ›

    The transfer time from Grenoble Airport to Les Deux Alpes is about 1 hour 50 minutes, depending on the date, time of day, weather and traffic conditions. We allow more time when we know traffic may be bad. The distance from Grenoble Airport to Les Deux Alpes is 110 km.

    How much is a transfer from Geneva to Val Thorens? ›

    How much do Val Thorens airport transfers cost? The average price of a one-way shared transfer from Geneva to Val Thorens starts at around €50, going up to €450 for a private transfer.

    How long is a transfer from Val Thorens to Geneva? ›

    The transfer time is about 3 hours 15 mins.

    Can you drink tap water in Val d Isère? ›

    Yes! Val d'Isere is a proper town with decent water treatment. The water can sometimes taste a bit metallic due to the high mineral content and during the melting periods some people prefer to switch to bottled water just in case the treatment plants are over-capacity.

    Is Val d'Isère good for beginners? ›

    Val d'Isère is also a true paradise for beginners and lower level skiers. From the village itself you can walk straight onto the piste into an area with four free lifts and gentle slopes to safely start skiing. (With another two beginner slopes in La Daille.)

    Do you need snow chains Val d Isère? ›

    Carry snow chains: It is now a legal requirement in France to carry snow chains in your vehicle, (if you don't have snow tyres) and police will be able to fine you on the spot if your car is not appropriately equipped, so you should definitely carry a pair of snow chains with you when coming to Val d'Isere.

    Do you have to go through customs when you arrive in France? ›

    Important: you must declare to Customs any goods in excess of €150, €300, or €430 (see table above) that you are carrying, and pay the corresponding duties and taxes. The customs declaration may be oral or written, depending on the goods and their value.

    Is there a border check between Geneva and France? ›

    Border checks

    Since Switzerland's accession to the Schengen Area in 2008, there have been no permanent passport controls along the border, although there can be customs controls. There are two airports near the border which have both Swiss and French passport and customs controls; passengers are free to choose one.

    Do I have to take a Covid test upon arrival in France? ›

    you will have to either present a negative PCR test result, carried out less than 72 hours before departure, or submit to such a test at the airport upon arrival in France.

    Do you need to speak French in Chamonix? ›

    Although it is always courteous to learn some basic phrases in the local language while travelling, English is widely spoken in Chamonix and you'll have no problem getting around without French.

    Is Chamonix a party town? ›

    Well known all around the Alps for their unique parties with live music, incredible performers and lots of champagne spraying, La Folie Douce Chamonix is much more than just an après-ski spot.

    Is there Uber or Lyft in Geneva Switzerland? ›

    Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Geneva. Request a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year.

    Can you use euros in Geneva Airport? ›

    The currencies accepted at the airport are Swiss francs and Euros in the shops and car parks. Pounds and dollars are also accepted in the restaurants.

    Do taxis in Switzerland take credit cards? ›

    Fares are subject to change, but a five-minute ride is likely to cost at least CHF 20, and a 15-minute ride to the airport costs about CHF 50. Taxis accept CHF, EUR and major credit cards.

    How much is a loaf of bread in Geneva? ›

    A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,485.6$ (1,363.6Fr.) without rent.
    Cost of Living in Geneva.
    Water (12 oz small bottle)3.27Fr.
    Milk (regular), (1 gallon)6.04Fr.
    Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb)2.52Fr.
    62 more rows

    Is Val d'Isère worth visiting? ›

    Our conclusion on Val d'Isere

    Although it can be expensive and crowded, there are ways to avoid this if you shop around. It's certainly worth skiing in Val d'Isere as the views, atmosphere and quality of slopes certainly justify the ski pass price. Read more about the best of Val d'Isere here.

    Does Val d'Isère have good nightlife? ›

    Val d'Isère has a reputation for some of the liveliest nightlife in the Alps and there are dozens and dozens of bars and night spots to choose from. Everything from a casual beer to the very best champagne, Val d'Isère has great après options for everyone.

    Is Lyon or Geneva closer to Val d Isère? ›

    Chambery Airport to Val d'Isere – 2 hours. Geneva Airport – 2 hours 40 minutes. Grenoble Airport – 2 hours 40 minutes. Lyon Lyon St Exupery Airport – 3 hours 10 minutes.

    What is the snowiest ski resort in the world? ›

    Mount Baker, Washington

    Little known Mount Baker in Washington has an annual snowfall of roughly 16.8 metres, blowing everything in Europe out of the water. Furthermore, this is the snowiest resort in the world!

    Is Val d'Isère crowded? ›

    Val d'Isere is always extremely busy in February and Children's Ski School places are often booked up months in advance.

    Where is the best snow in France? ›

    1. Tignes/Val d'Isère, France. Famed for their unbeatable snow record, if there's snow in the French Alps, you're likely to find it in these neighbouring villages of Tignes and Val d'Isère, ideal for a family, friends or couples get away.

    Is Val d Isère good for intermediate skiers? ›

    Val d'Isere is a mega ski resort with a world-wide reputation for expert skiers, although it's not just experts who love the skiing here. This is also a wonderful ski area for intermediate skiers of all levels. Even beginners can find some excellent runs on high altitude snow sure slopes.

    Is there night skiing in Val d Isère? ›

    Ski all day, party all night – whatever you prefer, Val d'Isere has you covered.

    Is Val d'Isère pretty? ›

    The village of Val d'Isere is beautiful. The Olympique gondola whisks skiers 1000m above Val d'isere. Val d'Isere has a lively, bustling feel from lunchtime til late. Linked with Tignes, Val d'Isere is a huge ski area.

    How long is the transfer Grenoble to Les Arcs? ›

    Transfers from Grenoble airport to Les Arcs will take approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes by the most direct route. This time will rise in bad weather and when there is a lot of traffic on the roads so it is best to allow plenty of time if you are planning the travel yourself.

    How long is the transfer from Grenoble to Val Thorens? ›

    The transfer time from Grenoble Airport to Val Thorens is about 3 hours 20 minutes, depending on the date, time of day, the weather and road conditions. We allow more time for the journey when we know the traffic may be bad. The distance from Grenoble Airport to Val Thorens is 187 km.

    How long is the transfer from Grenoble to Meribel? ›

    The transfer time from Grenoble to Meribel is about 2 hours 30 minutes though this depends on the traffic and weather.

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