Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) #1: Iola Bump & Jump 2010: Results | Cyclingnews.com (2023)

Nearly 850 racers and as many spectators attended the first race of the Wisconsin Off Road Series, the Iola Bump & Jump near Stevens Point, Wisconsin, on May 2. Madison's Abigail Strigel (Trek Stores of Madison) and Sheboygan's Tristan Schouten (Mafia Racing) took home the top honors from the Belgioioso pro and Cat. 1 races.

Both the men's and the women's fields started hot, fueled by contenders ready to string out an early-season field on five substantial climbs within the first half of the lap. The men's race separated during the first lap into a front group of Brian Eppen (Mercy / Specialized), Tristan Schouten, Mike Anderson (Gary Fisher 29er / SRAM), Brian Matter (Gear Grinder) and Darrin Braun (Adventure 212). The gap formed between Adventure 212 teammates Darrin Braun and Chris Peariso, isolating the first chase group, which included Peariso, Nathan Guerra (Mr. Tree Racing), Matt Gehling (Trek Stores of Madison) and Maciej Novak (Team Polska).

Meanwhile at the front, Eppen put the hammer down and charged ahead. In the surges, the lead group lost Matter, who joined the chase, and Anderson, who hung on to claim fourth. Schouten eventually closed the gap on Eppen and passed him to take the win.

In the women's elite race, Meghan Korol (Mafia Racing) was determined to challenge for the holeshot. On the first climb, she was chased down and passed by 2009 WORS Overall Champion Abby Strigel (Trek Stores of Madison) and 2009 Iola winner Kim Eppen (Mercy-Specialized).

Eppen went on to pass Strigel midway through the first lap, but suffered a mechanical while in the lead, and could not finish. Once Strigel resumed the lead, she never looked back, crossing the line nearly two minutes ahead of the field in 1:38:54. In the race for second-place, Adventure 212 teammates Lisa Krayer and Diana McFadden caught and passed Korol during the first lap. For the remainder of the race, the two women worked together while Korol kept them just within sight, and held on to fourth. Chasing Korol for most of the race was Claire Cannon (Trek Stores of Madison). Cannon was caught and passed in the final lap by Sue Juedes (Mad FORCS). Juedes, who is training for an Ironman and had a bike ride scheduled in her training plan for the week, claimed the final podium spot during her first mountain bike ride of the season.

Men's series starts fast

"The men's race started out hard with Tristan setting the pace for the beginning," said Mercy-Specialized racer Brian Eppen. "I led into the first set of singletrack and felt good, so kept the pace hard. From five of us, it reduced to Tristan and me halfway through the second lap. I continued to lead, opening slight gaps in the singletrack, but nothing major. Tristan kept the pace hard through the start/finish on lap three and I was pushed to my limit. I got gapped to around 10 to 15 seconds through the fourth lap, and he got a good gap and was out of sight for the final lap to the finish."

Schouten also races road and cyclo-cross, and is in good early-season form. He recently won two Wisconsin Cycling Association Criteriums in the Pro / Cat 1 / 2 Fields racing for the ISCorp Cycling Team.

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"Basically whatever is happening that weekend, that's what I'm doing," said Schouten after his win. "I'm just getting used to racing mountain bikes again. It was hard to come from the road and jump back onto the trails. I've raced at Iola for probably 10 years now, and I pretty much have it memorized. That helped. I should do enough of the WORS races this season to be in contention for the series overall, and I'm going for it."

Schouten won the WORS Series Overall in 2001 and 2002, and if he takes the crown again this year, he will dethrone 2009 WORS overall men's champion Brian Matter as the only three-time winner of the men's elite series.

Matter has stated that his focus in 2010 will be on cyclo-cross, though his hat is in the ring for the WORS Overall. The Sheboygan racer was named to the US men's cyclo-cross World Championship team in 2009 and usually skips the first WORS race of the season. This year, he got started even later than usual to be fresh for 'cross season.

"Pretty much, my training plan started a week ago," said Matter. "I had a pretty solid block Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. A good ride yesterday. I'm kinda training through this one. I wanted to test the fitness and see where I'm starting out. WORS is good, I like racing here, and I'm definitely always going to give it my best."

Both Schouten and Matter will have young guns such as Nathan Guerra and Darrin Braun to contend with. Braun, who took third this weekend, called Iola a "C-priority" race and has his eye on the top step of the men's overall in his first year as a Pro. With 70 series riders already registered, and guest stars like Brian Eppen of Iowa and Mike Anderson of Michigan in attendance, the 2010 BelGioioso Elite men's series is shaping up to be one of the fastest in WORS history.

"My lungs felt like they were bleeding."

WORS 2009 Overall Champion in the BelGioioso Elite women's field, Abby Strigel can be a woman of few words. She offered up the bleeding lung comment above when asked about the dust at Iola this weekend. When asked about the mechanical that sidelined Kim Eppen at Iola this year, Strigel said simply, "She would have kicked my butt."

As the first woman to win the WORS overall three times, Strigel is no slouch and can certainly let her riding do the talking. She has been the dominant female pro cross country racer in Wisconsin for the last three years and seems ready for another strong season. The WORS women's field has had to up the ante to contend, and several ladies are now in pursuit of Strigel's title. Lisa Krayer was stronger than ever in her first race of the season this weekend. Meghan Korol, a former endurance runner and member of the University of Wisconsin Triathalon team, also placed well at Iola. Sue Juedes, a nine-time WORS elite series podium finisher, rounded out the top five at Iola.

"I've raced here at Iola many times, because I raced the complete WORS Series for nine years" said Juedes. "I have a home nearby, and I just love these trails. The course is so fast, and fun."

A good start to the season

The popular course and great weather helped the Iola Bump & Jump to boast a great turnout, even for America's largest state mountain bike racing series. With 849 racers at the first event of the 2010 season, Series Director Don Edberg confirmed that Iola was the largest WORS cross country field since 2005. This June, the USA Cycling Pro XCT Tour will make a visit to WORS Subaru Cup, presented by Trek. WORS will also host the first-ever USA Cycling Midwest Regional Championships.

"We're really excited for the year," said Edberg. "It's encouraging to see so many new faces, as well as so many riders returning to WORS after some time away. I sometimes read the blogs of our racers. After Iola, someone wrote that the first WORS race of the year makes all the hard work of spring pay off when you spend a weekend having fun with great friends and doing something that you really love. I couldn't have said it better myself."

Full Results

Pro elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Abigail Strigel1:33:16
2Lisa Krayer (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:01:42
3Diana McFadden (Adventure 212/ Ski Hut)
4Meghan Korol (Mafia Racing)0:02:24
5Sue Juedes (Mad Forks)0:04:19
6Claire Cannon (Team WORS)0:04:30
7Robin Williams (Mercy-Specialized)0:06:01
8Lindsey Kriete (Team Gear Grinder)0:07:10
9Andrea Matter (Gear Grinder)0:09:10
10Michelle Peariso (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:10:01
11April Dombrowski (Team Pedal Moraine)0:12:36
12Lori Sable (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)0:13:35
13Patti Kaufmann (Planet Bike)0:15:48
14Renee Bach (Chain Smokers)
15Carrieann Kopernik (Team Polska)0:16:34
16Kate Heil (Cyclenauts)0:17:18
17Gabriela Baranova (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)0:19:02
18Lindsay Guerra (Mr Tree)0:21:26
19Molly Wolf (Wheelwerks / Guiness)0:21:33
20Karlene Olson (Muddy Cup)0:21:54
21Hannah Zlomke (Mr. Tree Racing)0:23:54
22Jennifer Whitedog0:24:05
23Megan Wolf (Extreme)0:24:30
24Regina Campbell (Alterra MTB/Twin Six)0:25:33
25Christine Czarnecki (Alterra Coffee MTB Team)0:26:29
26Gina Kenny (Team Extreme)0:27:12
DNFKim Eppen (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)
DNFAshley Weichmann (Titletown Flyers)
DNFBrenda Zimmermann Thorp (Rib Mnt Cycles/Red Eye Brewery)
NRRachael Gatto (Twin Six)
Pro elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tristan Schouten (Mafia)1:38:54
2Brian Eppen (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)0:01:19
3Darrin Braun (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:02:32
4Mike Anderson (Gary Fisher)0:03:10
5Brian Matter (Gear Grinder / Trek)0:03:44
6Nathan Guerra (Mr Tree)0:04:09
7Maciej Nowak (Team Polska)0:04:31
8Ryan Krayer (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:04:46
9Matt Gehling (Trek Bicycle Store Madison)0:05:30
10Ben Koenig (Rib Mountain Cycles)0:06:00
11Ted Hanes (Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:06:44
12Neil Swanson (Team WORS)0:06:47
13Joe Stephens (Hayes)0:06:55
14Todd McFadden (Adventure 212/Ski Hut)0:07:05
15Scott Golomski (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)
16Seth Lenss (Titletown Flyers)0:07:40
17John Gatto (MARS)0:08:00
18Bryan Fosler (Trek Store of Madison)0:08:20
19Dallas Fowler0:08:29
20Carlos Haeckel (Alterra)0:08:33
21Joe Curtes (Fuel Cafe/Gargae864/Milw Bike)0:08:45
22Michael Naughton (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)0:08:46
23Kevin McConnell (Mercy Specialized)0:08:52
24Adam Swank (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)0:08:57
25Scott Cole (Adventure 212/Specialized)
26Aaron Robnett (Q7 Cycling)0:09:28
27Corey Stelljes (Chainsmokers)0:09:55
28Devin Curran (Spot BrandHollywood Cycles)
29Trevor Olson (Muddy Cup)0:09:58
30Jack Hirt (Velo Tocadero)0:09:59
31John Lirette (Hayes)0:10:00
32Mike Curtes (Fuel Cafe / milw Bike / G864)0:10:06
33Bret Glembocki (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)0:10:07
34Chad Hildebrandt (Team Polska)0:10:25
35Tim Yuska (Iron Cycles)0:10:36
36Christian Brekke (Fisher 29er Crew)0:10:39
37Justin Piontek (Performa Cycling)0:10:51
38Ray Nelson (Treadhead Cycling)0:11:04
39Luke Holtan (VELO TROCADERO)0:11:16
40Ronald Stawicki (Team Polska)0:11:24
41Chris Peariso (Adventure 212 / Specialized)0:11:36
42Mike Budd (Wheel & Sprocket)0:12:11
43Chris Mantel (VeloTrocadero)0:12:31
44Nikolai Anikin (conti)0:12:42
45Mike Bushey (Ski-Hut)0:12:50
46Sam Wellskopf (Attitude Sports)0:12:52
47Matt Millin (Team BONK)0:13:04
48J. W. Miller (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)0:13:11
49Bill Nigh (Team Pedal Moraine)0:13:12
50Nick Sabel (Fond du Lac/Oshkosh Cyclery)
51Andrew Tainter (LG50)0:13:21
52Brian Hertzberg (5 Nines Cycling)0:13:24
53Jesse Bell (SISU Cycles)0:13:25
54Butch Welke (Treadhead Cycling)0:13:27
55Aristotle Peters (EXPO Racing)0:13:47
56John Shull (CLIF)0:14:15
57Glenn Kirst (Wheel & Sprocket)0:14:18
58Tim Scanley (Alterra Coffee)0:14:24
59Jan Rybar (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)
60Dan Schaefer (Team Pedal Moraine)
61Karl Schult (Endurance Trust)0:15:01
62Chad Sova (On the Rivet / GearGrinder)0:15:02
63Russ Krueger (Rib Mountain Cycles)0:15:19
64Greg Cullen (O2 Cycling)0:16:10
65Andrew Rosch (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)0:16:33
66Casey Masterson (Velo Trocadero)0:16:58
67Jesse Shoemaker (Performa Cycling)0:17:26
68Dan Holsen (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)
69Andrew Ignasiak (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)0:18:47
70Jerrod Collier (Muddy Cup Racing)0:18:49
71Luke Batchelor-Clark (Magnus)0:18:51
72Matthew Schweiker (Mesa/Gateway Harley)0:19:10
73Justin Lund (EVOMO.COM)0:19:28
74Joshua Tesch (Continental)0:19:38
75Mark Engen (RUCC)0:19:57
76Nate Jasperson (Performa Cycling)0:20:09
77Dennis Schueler (Flatlandia)0:20:12
78Tim Jennings (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)0:20:56
79Chad Dean (5Nines Data)0:21:31
80Karl Tillman (Bikes Limited Inc)0:22:01
81Brad Dash (Twin Six)0:24:48
82Nathan Johnson (Muddy Cup)0:24:57
83Mark Burkholz (Extreme Bike)0:27:45
84Barry Winters (Brings Cycling)0:35:46
DNFMat Bostelman (Meads Bike Shop-Tempovelo)
DNFCody Goettl (Spring Street Sports)
DNFJason Gosse (Team WORS)
DNFCory Gwin (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)
NRDavid Haase (Attitude Sports)
DNFScott Kylander-Johnso (Treak Co-Op)
DNFMatthew Muraski (Team Fond du Lac / Oshkosh Cyclery)
NRMike Phillips (Adventure 212/Specialized)
NRAlejandro Collins
NRJeff Aksland
Junior Open Boys
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Labecki (EXPO Racing)1:30:21
2Kyle Warras (EXPO Racing)0:00:21
3Greg Krieger (Team Extreme)0:00:44
4Myles Beach (EXPO)0:01:00
5Ben Senkerik (Team Extreme)0:01:42
6Caleb Lenss (Titletown Flyer)0:02:27
7Mitchell Bogardus (Team Expo)0:04:50
8Dusty Dale (Riverbrook Mome)0:06:01
9Dakota Dale (Riverbrook Mome)0:06:51
10Tony Kaatz (Attitude Sports)0:08:24
11Leif Byrge-Liebig (Team Cyclopath)0:08:27
12Theodore Peters (EXPO Racing)0:09:20
13Chris Harrison (Titletown Flyer)0:09:21
14Michael Dutczak (South Chicago W)0:10:13
15Cameron Schave (Fond Du Lac Cyc)0:11:11
16Casey Hildebrandt (EXPO)0:15:11
Junior Open Girls
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Liz Shull (CLIF)1:45:43
Open 50+ Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Poulton (CLIF BAR)1:34:21
2Marcum Martz (Team Bonk)0:02:25
3Kenneth Ramm (Team WORS)0:04:23
4Gary Meader0:06:24
5Larry Fish0:10:21
6Bob Boone (Spring St. Spor)0:10:33
7Tony Pacini0:12:29
8Brad Tennis (Wildside Velo)0:14:11
9Larry Swanson (Kegels)0:17:07
10Mike Wanek0:19:30
11Mark Muraski (Riverbrook)0:19:40
12Mike Sherman
Open Singlespeed Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trevor Koss (Spring Street S)1:29:33
2Ryan Voss (Muddy Cup)0:03:34
3Brent Palmer (Titletown Flyer)0:04:13
4Nathan Langhurst0:04:22
5Greg Jones (Lake Geneva Cyc)0:04:35
6Rick Walls (Muddy Cup \\ Tw)0:05:06
7Tom Kapanke (T6 Twenynine &)0:05:08
8Michael Martens (Bye - Nomad)0:05:57
9Adam Heil0:07:43
10Bob Callaway (Bluedog Cycles)0:09:55
11Joel Coon (BelGioioso/Twin)0:10:33
12Eric Sime (Team Singular)0:19:21
13Bret Deutscher0:26:25
14Ryan Shiroma (BelGioioso/Twin)
Cat 2 Bontrager COMP Series Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tyler Jenema (Gear Grinder)1:24:21
2Tyler Gauthier (Culvers Racing)0:00:02
3Mitch Gantz (Nova Iscorp)0:03:16
4Mitchell Moen (r bikes)0:03:59
5Nicholas Holzem (City Bike Works)0:04:00
6Patryk Limanowicz0:04:32
7Joseph Maloney0:04:33
8Sanjay Ganju (Alterra Mtb)0:04:35
9Spence Cone (Wildside Velo C)0:05:15
10David Knauf
11Jess Kruchoski (The Endurance T)0:05:55
12Andrew Dahl (BPB)0:06:06
13Nathan Lillie (RUCC-Brones Bik)0:06:19
14Dan Tavela (THC)0:06:29
15Ryan Carlson (Team Wheel & Sp)
16Mark Klein (Red Jacket)0:06:48
17Michael Seguin (xXx Racing - At)0:06:57
18Steve Pribyl (Flyer Cycles)0:07:02
19Greg Heil (Cyclenauts)0:07:11
20James Buddenbaum (Silver Cycles)0:07:12
21Bill Burkholder (Kegel\\\'s Bike)0:07:13
22Joe Greatens0:07:14
23Benjamin Cisneros (Polska)0:07:21
24Jim Chapman (On The Rivet)0:07:22
25Christopher Tries (South Shore Cyc)0:07:35
26Matthew Ryan0:07:45
27Ken Statz0:08:02
28Shawn Hoppe (Fond Du Lac Cyc)0:08:18
29John Riley (Trek)0:08:30
30Brandon Leach (Johnny Sprocket)0:08:38
31Glen Stroik (Chiropratic Par)0:08:54
32Kurt Schwiesow (Tower Clock Eye)0:08:58
33Matthew Bohm (Proctor Cycling)0:09:11
34Brian Schwaller (Gear Grinder)0:09:19
35Bill Street (SISU Custom Cyc)0:09:21
36Ben Marchewka (Team Pedal Mora)0:09:22
37Eric Fossell (Spokes N Spines)0:09:23
38Matt Dale (Riverbrook Mome)0:09:34
39Steve Pribek0:09:35
40Ken Krebs (chicagoperforma)0:09:36
41Scott McClement (Flatlandia)
42Brad Skillicorn
43Jeremy Vogels (Performa Cyclin)0:09:43
44Justin Meyer0:09:44
45Peter Coenen0:09:47
46Matthew Hippe0:09:48
47Sean Shields (Team Pedal Mora)0:10:20
48Ross Lemke (Pedal Morraine/)0:10:31
49Erich Ponath (Fattires-n-Beer)0:10:41
50Michael Young (xXx Racing - At)0:10:43
51Patrick Haley (Velo Trocadero)0:10:45
52Mark Cole (Adventure 212/S)0:10:49
53Wally Kunstman (Sheboygan Bicyc)0:10:51
54Dan Griffin (Point Pursuit)0:10:55
55John Praxmarer
56Steven Hohenstein (Skihut)0:10:59
57Ty Gonzalez (Alterra MTB Tea)
58Michael Wenzel
59Lance Wall (Club Tread)0:11:03
60Erik Carlson (Quick Stop Bike)0:11:06
61Ryan Tervo (Flyer Cycles)0:11:18
62Neil Zacharek (Sheboygan Bicyc)0:11:21
63Dan Ellerkamp (Magnus)0:11:34
64David Bender (JVC/Michaels Cy)0:11:51
65Dan Szczepanski (BelGioioso/Titl)0:11:54
66Bryan Frazier (Wildside Velo C)0:11:56
67Bob Phelps (Alterra Coffee)0:12:01
68Nick Christofalos (Twin Six Clif)0:12:05
69Joe Villalobos (Hayes RPM Cycli)0:12:10
70Erin Sikora (Performa Cyclin)0:12:15
71Karl Erbach (Trek Store Madi)0:12:21
72Tyler Welnak (Wheel and Sproc)
73Russell Jobs (Hayes Disc Brak)0:12:32
74Colby Lash0:12:40
75Todd Bugnacki (Club Tread)0:12:47
76Don Slickman (Team Bonk)
77Jim Toombs (Eriks Bikes & B)0:12:48
78Tyson Schwiesow (CZ Velo)0:13:27
79Matt Block (BIKEMAN.COM)0:13:37
80Paul Rainey (Endurance Trust)0:13:49
81John Brown0:13:53
82Jesse Sharp (Tower Clock Eye)0:14:03
83Caleb Wendel (Red Jacket Cycl)0:14:07
84Joseph Sielen (Team Pegasus)0:14:11
85Jim Sadauckas (Team Extreme)0:14:12
86Michael Joachim0:14:17
87Carey Falkenberry0:14:19
88Mark Balkenende (Endurance Trust)0:14:23
89Jeff Sympson (RVO/ Kegel's)0:14:40
90Anthony Ferrara (New Moon Bike S)0:14:47
91Mark Olski0:14:52
92Andrew Wiesner (Titletown Flyer)0:15:03
93Michael Humpal (GeorgeGarnerCyc)0:15:21
94Jeremy Lentz0:15:45
95Curt Demott (Titletown Flyer)0:16:02
96Andre Odendaal0:16:24
97Jeff Steckbauer (Rib Mountain Cy)0:16:59
98Scott Hietpas0:17:02
99Chad Tucker (My Wife Inc.)0:17:11
100John Gregorski (EXPO Racing)0:17:12
101Christopher Gabrielson (Wildside Velo C)0:17:46
102Jesse Kusserow0:17:47
103Cole Jacobsen (Titletown Flyer)0:17:48
104Jed Schleisner (Outdoor Outlet)0:17:55
105Justen Stracy (Attitude Sports)0:18:00
106Mike Worland (Big Ring Flyers)0:18:06
107Tim Racette (Team Wisconsin/)0:18:22
108Michael Jeschke0:18:35
109Bill Schneider (Elliot)0:18:36
110Thomas Hanegraaf0:18:39
111James Schwindt (Fond Du Lac Cyc)0:18:40
112Krystian Pac (PACT - DISH POL)0:18:56
113Jeffrey Gantz (Titletown Flyer)0:19:01
114Steve Jeske (Pedal Moraine)0:19:53
115Lloyd Cate0:21:05
116Michael Ziegler (Cyclenauts)0:21:09
117Jason Labella (Endurance Trust)0:21:32
118Robert Mautz (Team Bonk)0:22:11
119Jeff Hammond (Endurance Trust)0:22:25
120Chris Yaggie (Attitude Sports)0:24:15
121Edward Dutczak (South Chicago W)0:25:53
122Chris Fellows (WORS HAYES BRAK)0:29:03
123Richard Faith (Cylenauts)0:29:15
124Brian Benson (Bikes LTD)0:32:38
125Kevin Pomasl (Team Wisconsin)
126Isaac Reinbold (Alterra)
127David Compton (Compton Bros. R)
128Jason Martini (Titletown Flyer)
129Scott Spoo (Wannabee Racing)
130Michael Stanley (Verdigris)
131Pete Ignasiak (Alterra Coffee)
132Adam Abraham
133Troy Meives (On the Rivet)
Cat 2 CycleOps SPORT Series Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Frederick Moreau1:09:18
2Eric Weidman0:00:07
3Andrew Senderhauf (Wheel and Sproc)0:00:55
4Pete Karinen (XC Sports / End)0:00:57
5Ken Dawson (Unattached)0:02:10
6Sam Geyer0:02:12
7Dan Wierzba (Rib Mountain Cy)0:02:27
8Mike Daish0:02:50
9Matt Bolenbaugh (RMC)0:02:58
10Ian Haupt (Expo)0:03:06
11Steve Herriges0:03:08
12Michael Hartzell0:03:10
13Logan Mackay0:03:25
14Scott Anderson (Rib Mountain Fl)0:03:52
15Patrick Scheibel
16Jason Kayzar (Team Wisconsin)0:03:54
17Brian Christensen (Gear Grinder)0:04:00
18John Hughes (Pedal Moraine)0:04:04
19Mark Cheyne (Muddy Cuo)0:04:11
20Adrian Icenogle (Attitude Sports)
21Steve Kobs (Team Pedal Mora)0:04:19
22Gabriel Ion0:04:27
23Terry Prewitt (Attitude Sports)0:04:31
24Thomas Dvoratchek (Spin Dr Cyclewo)
25Ken Naef (Titletown Flyer)0:04:38
26Jake Therrien (Wheel & Sprocke)0:04:48
27Michael Sherven (Fat Tires & Bee)
28Jacob Jackson0:04:49
29Kelly Skinkis (Team WORS)0:04:59
30Jeff Weyenberg0:05:10
31Daniel Gjertson0:05:12
32Barry Blumenkemper0:05:22
33Pj Braun (Heavy Pedal Vel)
34Sean Miller (Janesville Velo)0:05:24
35Aaron Steen0:05:30
36Jeff Bernaeyge (treadhead/A51/p)0:05:33
37Parker McColl (Endurance Trust)0:05:36
38Ryan Oconnell (Team Expo)0:05:39
39John Arpke0:05:52
40Mike Darlington
41Chris Hinshaw (Fond du Lac Cyc)0:06:05
42Thomas Sloan0:06:12
43Patrick Dowd0:06:14
44Mike Carney (Flatlandia)0:06:20
45Daniel Johnston (Bone and Joint)0:06:29
46Rob Willmas (Team Bonk)0:06:37
47Kyle Williams (Iowa City Cycli)0:06:41
48Ian Willmann0:06:50
49Jake Swenson (UWSP Cycling)0:06:52
50Patrick Shanahan0:06:58
51Wade Flisram (Team Extreme)
52Taylor Bogdanske0:07:01
53Jason Gibson (Gear N Up)
54Daniel Guse (FDL / OSH Cycle)0:07:28
55Justin Wheelock0:08:05
56Lee Nesbitt (KORC)0:08:18
57Quentin Gniot (Titletown Flyer)
58Steve Kapaun0:08:22
59Scott Anderson (Titletown Flyer)0:08:23
60Mark Clinton (Attitude Sports)0:08:26
61Donald Carr (IS Corp)0:08:39
62Mark Petterson (Treadheads)0:08:44
63Matt Luger (Team Pedal Mora)0:08:52
64Steven Schaefer0:08:54
65Eli Lipp (Speed Freak)0:09:07
66Matthew Lanser (Titletown Flyer)0:09:13
67Jordan Loeck (Appleton Bike/G)0:09:21
68Ernie Luedke0:09:22
69Tom Wendland (TEAM EXTREME)
70Juan Gonzalez (Trixlapenos)
71Mike Owens (Alterra)0:09:23
72Brian Paterson (Team AttakTiks)0:09:25
73Dustin Vande Zande (Point Pursuit)0:09:26
74Bryan Lau0:09:31
75Jason Ruesch (Rib Mountain Cy)0:09:36
76Jesse Coenen0:09:41
77Christopher Cischke (Red Jacket Cycl)0:09:43
78Justin Latham (Gen X / World B)0:09:44
79Larry Hipps (Pedal Moraine)0:09:59
80Alan Kinnaman0:10:00
81Robert Zimmermann (Pedal Moraine)0:10:12
82Dave Reich (Team Extreme)0:10:20
83Jesse Jaehnig (FatTires n Beer)0:10:21
84Don Freitag0:10:23
85Dave Wall0:10:24
86Josey Weik (MNJRC)0:10:28
87Jeff Bublitz (Gen X / World B)0:10:29
88Joe Olson0:10:30
89Steve Davidson (Titletown Flyer)0:10:32
90Nick Wierzba (Rib Mountain Cy)
91James Parman (Fond Du Lac Cyc)0:10:36
92Christopher Volbrecht (Treadhead Cycli)0:10:40
93Timothy Blob (GearNUp)0:10:45
94John Senkerik (Team Extreme)0:10:46
95Paul Kekstas (Performa Cyclin)0:10:49
96Chad Neff0:10:54
97Brad Stollfus0:10:58
98Rob Hofmann (Team Extreme)
99Warren Fowler (Titletown flyer)0:11:07
100Ryan Usiak (Titletown Flyer)0:11:10
101Nathan Phelps (Big Ring Flyers)0:11:21
102Travis Johnson (Heavy Pedal)0:11:23
103Jeff Swanstrom0:11:29
104Troy Sable0:11:33
105Scott Palmersheim (Pedal Moraine)0:11:39
106Carl Morse (Wheel & Sprocke)0:11:42
107Joel Ficke0:11:53
108Michael Olm (GenXcycling)0:12:02
109John Gretzinger0:12:03
110Leif Hagman0:12:11
111Ben Leach (Bike's Ltd)0:12:13
112Aaron Hendricks0:12:14
113Barry Campbell0:12:17
114Cal Collins (Wannabe Racing)
115Jeff Greatens0:12:18
116Shawn Hauser (Titletown Flyer)0:12:24
117Matthew Berg (Titletown Flyer)0:12:28
118Aaron Mix (Trek Store-Madi)0:12:29
119Rennis Delgado0:12:33
120Jacob Becker (Gen X / World B)0:12:42
121Eric Johnson (Anybody\'s Bike)0:12:43
122Paul Meuer (Ripon Redhawks)0:12:44
123William Peters (Titletown Flyer)0:12:51
124Jim Feuerstein (Heavy Pedal Bic)0:12:52
125Jeff Wren (Team Extreme)
126Samuel Martz (Team Bonk)0:12:58
127Loren Darling (Grainger Bike C)0:12:59
128Mike Morrison0:13:06
129Marcus Steele (Title Town Flye)
130Tim Gilbertson (Titletown Flyer)0:13:07
131Connor McColl (Endurance Trust)0:13:09
132Brad Biddick0:13:31
133Doug McColl0:13:32
134Andy Meyer (Team Extreme)0:13:41
135Andy Borell (Attitude Sports)0:14:06
136Anton Koenigsmann0:14:07
137Ryan Theel (Cyclopath)0:14:15
138Todd Fletcher0:14:52
139Matt Howe0:14:53
140David De Witt (Fond du Lac Cyc)0:14:59
141Kurt Kargel (Wildside Velo C)0:15:07
142Daniel Millin (Team Bonk)0:15:18
143Mark Szudrowitz (Team Extreme)0:15:23
144Jeremy Wells0:15:28
145Jeremy Jonas0:15:31
146Riley Kopesky (Expo Racing)0:15:46
147Brandon Watkins (EXPO Racing)0:15:53
148Sam Huntington0:15:59
149William Griesbach (Point Pursuit)
150Michael Quitzon0:16:05
151Matt Paterson (Team AttakTiks)0:16:10
152Edward Piontek (Title Town Flye)0:16:19
153Keith Wolf (Extreme)0:16:20
154Nate Andrews (Alterra Coffee)0:16:22
155Steve Hoppman (FDL/Oshkosh Cyc)0:16:35
156Daniel Bucklaew0:16:36
157Collin Coleman (Team WORS)0:16:57
158Kenny Dretzka (Team Cyclopath)0:17:14
159Erich Brauer (Titletown Flyer)0:17:20
160Bill Styer0:17:24
161Brian Coppock0:17:38
162David Hornung (Team Fond Du LA)0:17:42
163Dan Smith0:17:44
164Paul Ihde (Titletown Flyer)
165Steven Drecoll0:17:55
166Mike Mennenoh (Club Tread)0:17:57
167Kent Kallsen0:18:46
168David Vogt (Flying Bobcats)0:18:53
169Chris Cooper (Hayes Disc Brak)0:18:54
170Dylan Luebbe (Ski Hut)0:19:15
171Rich Mennenoh (TreadHead Cycli)0:19:21
172Salvatore Virgilio0:19:25
173Randy Borst (Titletown Flyer)0:19:29
174Jack Schirpke (Team Extreme)0:19:33
175Tyler Byrnes (Flying Bobcats)0:19:38
176Mike Brauer (Heavy Pedal Vel)0:20:11
177Chris Smith (Team Extreme)0:20:33
178Jim Baxa (Treadhead Cycli)0:21:05
179James Mistark (Titletown Flyer)0:21:41
180Tom Kenny (Team Extreme)0:21:45
181Troy Olm (Chainsmokers)0:22:03
182Darren Haag (HAAG GYM)0:22:07
183Bob Ferrara0:22:21
184Mark Schindel (Titletown Flyer)0:22:23
185Frank Sniadajewski (Point Pursuit)0:22:24
186Joel Jahnke Jr. (Anybody\'s Bike)0:22:40
187Richard McCaleb (Lifetime Health)0:22:43
188Cody Gunst0:22:44
189Jordan Boyea0:23:06
190Randy Johnson (Heavy Pedal)0:23:17
191Bob Schmitt (Pedal Moraine)
192Phillip Hoffman (UWSP Mountiain)0:23:25
193Chad Hoppe (Team Fond du La)0:23:27
194Michael Giesen (Titletown Flyer)0:23:30
195Jim Splittgerber0:23:45
196Todd Somers (Alterra)0:24:26
197Sharat Mortha (Rib Mountain Cy)0:24:37
198Michael Gerlach (Bonk)0:24:52
199Joel Flory (Pomps)0:24:59
200James S. Heinecke (ICO / Team Mayw)0:25:15
201Paul Wilson0:25:27
202Patrick Gokey0:25:42
203Robert Livingston (Titletown Flyer)0:26:23
204Bruce Harvey (Red Jacket)0:27:02
205Mark Sprangers0:27:25
206Steve Havlichek0:29:05
207Michael Kaspar0:29:07
208Kent Jenema0:29:28
209Frank Lobello0:29:39
210Ron Kapaun0:29:40
211David Joyce (Fond du Lac Cyc)0:29:41
212Matthew White0:29:45
213Gary Esko0:30:07
214Aaron McGinnis (Gen X / World B)0:30:32
215Thomas Silbernagel (Team Extreme)0:30:55
216Steve Manthe (Chainsmokers)0:31:41
217Steve Strobel (Rib Mountain Cy)0:31:49
218Scott Graff0:31:58
219Thomas Harron0:31:59
220Benjamin Lasecki (Cyclopath)0:32:25
221Jeff Gau (Bone & Joint)0:32:35
222Demetrius Banks0:35:22
223Dave Dahlman (Team Extreme In)0:35:40
224Todd Nutter (Fond du Lac Cyc)0:37:00
225Jon Greendeer0:37:34
226Robert Langlois
227Sterling Schmidt (Heavy Pedal)0:37:43
228Matthew Byrge (Team Cyclopath)0:39:09
229Timothy Strege (Half Acre Cycli)0:42:57
230Mark Voss0:45:19
231Paul Traeger (TEAM EXTREME)0:48:30
232Kevin Schuster (Genx/World Bicy)0:50:03
233Rob Nieth (Anytime Fitness)0:57:26
234Bo Schinke (GenX/World Bicy)1:05:24
235Travis Schirpke (TEAM EXTREME)
236Paul Compton (Compton Bros. R)
237Dale Lenss (Titletown Flyer)
238Randy Pallex (BelGioioso/Titl)
239Zach Hetzer (UWSP Mountain B)
240Brian Brown
241Phil Therrien (Wheel & Sprocke)
242Gary Smits (Titletown Flyer)
243Brandon Hintz (Team WORS)
244Daryl Krans (Bikes Ltd)
245Brett Poulton (Gary Fisher 29e)
246Wally Sniadajewski (Point Pursuit)
247Nick Krcma (City Bike Works)
248Eric Stanke
249Frederic Moreau (johnny sprocket)
250Daniel Holtermann (Gen X)
251Adam Kelnhofer
252Douglas House
253Ryan Roesler
254Mike Gorka (TreadHead Cycli)
255Jason Dostal
256Tim Nass
257Nic Mianecki (Hayes Disc Brak)
258Eric Krszjzaniek
Cat 2 CycleOps SPORT Series Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kelly Skillicorn1:18:24
2Heidi Kraut (Team Endurance)0:01:14
3Anna Ganju (Polska)0:01:54
4Jessica Gammey (Rock You Like a)0:03:26
5Brittany Barran-Stanley (Verdigris Cycli)0:04:03
6Mandy Hagman0:05:16
7Angela Theriault (Cafe Hollander)0:05:53
8Heidi Hittner0:06:34
9Nina Karinen (XC Sports / End)0:06:50
10Brittany Nigh (Team Pedal Mora)0:06:57
11Valerie Foley (Pomps Tires)0:07:42
12Sonia Dubielzig (Alterra)0:08:45
13Ann Holsen (Heavy Pedal Vel)0:08:55
14Sophia Marchiando0:10:32
15Paula Liske (Rib Cycle Cycle)0:10:38
16Cassey Lynn (UW-Madison)0:11:44
17Rachael Jensen (Gear Grinder)0:12:06
18Sarah Agena (Adventure 212)0:13:20
19Terra Nicklas
20Emily Shull (CLIF)0:14:40
21Susie McGinnity (Elliot)0:14:42
22Lynne Senkerik (Team Extreme)0:14:57
23Andrea Lyman (Rib Mountain Cy)0:15:25
24Niki Frazier (Wildside Velo C)0:17:18
25Denise Coppock0:20:01
26Krista Klanderman0:20:25
27Helmy Tennis (Wildside Velo)0:20:42
28Melinda Propson (Performa Cyclin)0:21:23
29Shelly Gruszynski (Gear N Up)0:21:56
30Valerie Dosland0:22:30
31Diane Callaway (Bluedog Cycles)0:23:24
32Rolleen Kralovec (Spike)0:24:35
33Katie Nolan (Muddy Cup)0:25:28
34Kelli Piotrowski0:26:15
35Carrie Ryan0:28:24
36Christine Griesbach (Point Pursuit)0:29:20
37Jenni Borell (Attitude Sports)0:30:46
38Cheryl Post (Point Pursuit)0:33:47
39Elizabeth Glaser (Muddy Cup)0:35:02
40Andrea Newby0:37:32
41Gretchen Montee (Muddy Cup)0:41:09
42Toni House (Titletown Flyer)
43Rebecca Crocker (Team Coal Car)0:57:54
44Chelsea Zello
45Kelly Sadauckas (Team Extreme)
46Julia Daher (XXX Racing-Athl)
47Dana Buddenbaum (Silver Cycling)
48Angella Collins (Wannabe Racing)
49Candy Hofmann (Team Extreme)
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